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Blockchain-powered enterprise communications.

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Project industryBusiness Services & Consulting
FoundedSingapore, 2017
WhitepaperJincor White Paper Open

Technical details

Jincor ecosystem is the set of decentralized (dApp) and classic web-applications which allow each person to create and control their organization on the Ethereum Blockchain.

What is Jincor

All elements for corporate interaction within the framework of the blockchain econmy are in the same product and operate as a single system. Intuitive and easy process of creation Enterprise smart-contracts. Advantages of using blockchain technologies without their independent development and implementation in the workflow. Search and establishment of business contacts with organizations around the world. Transparent crypto-currencies transactions between organizations.


Public sales: Nov 30, 2017 - Jan 30, 2018
Soft cap: 2,500,000 USD
Hard cap: 26,600,000 USD


Registration country: Singapore
Registration year: 2017
Office address: 176 Joo Chiat road #02-02 Singapore

Token info

Ticker: JCR
Type: Utility-token
Token standard: ERC-20
Dividends: JCR tokens grant to their holders the right to get a share of the profit at a rate of 10% from all payable user licenses on the portal.
Token price in USD: 1 Token = 1.000000 USD
Accepted currencies: ETH
Token distribution:
76% - ICO Crowsdale
4% - Pre-ICO
8% - Escrow, advisors & bounty
12% - Jincor team

Jincor Roadmap

July 2017

Performing closed beta testing, launching an ICO campaign

August 2017

Issuing JCR tokens on the Ethereum blockchain

October 2017

Public beta launch

November 2017

Invoicing & billing system implementation. Channel partner program launch

December 2017

Finishing up the crowdfunding campaign and distributing JCR tokens among supporters. Listing on exchange platforms

January 2018

2000+ business customers. Rolling out mobile apps for iOS and Android

April 2018

Getting to the global market, localization. Adding enterprise app integrations, digital verification of companies

June 2018

Enterprise digital signatures integration

Q3 2018

3000+ business customers. Enterprise multisig wallets, blockchain asset transactions, B2E (business-to-employee) payments etc.

Q4 2018

Enterprise smart contracts, decentralized arbitration system, blockchain-based corporate management, stock issuance and shareholders transactions, dividend payments,

Project team

Vladislav Kirichenko
Vladislav Kirichenko
CEO & Co-Founder
Vladislav Kirichenko linkedin
Vagan Abelyan
Vagan Abelyan
COO & Co-Founder
Vagan Abelyan facebook
Tomas Kärner
Tomas Kärner
CBDO & Legal Advisor
Tomas Kärner linkedin
George Paliani
George Paliani
International Ambassador
George Paliani linkedin
Andrey Degtyaruk
Andrey Degtyaruk
CTO & Blockchain Expert
Andrey Degtyaruk twitter
Artem Pikulin
Artem Pikulin
Full-Stack Engineer
Artem Pikulin linkedin
Aidar Ibatullin
Aidar Ibatullin
Front-End Engineer
Aidar Ibatullin linkedin
Khasan Erkenov
Khasan Erkenov
Product & Conceptual Design
Khasan Erkenov linkedin
Alexandra Samuilkina
Alexandra Samuilkina
Content manager
Alexandra Samuilkina facebook
Anton Lysakov
Anton Lysakov
Community Manager
Anton Lysakov linkedin
Anastasia Balashova
Anastasia Balashova
Head of Marketing
Anastasia Balashova linkedin
Alexandr Sedelnikov
Alexandr Sedelnikov
Backend Engineer
Alexandr Sedelnikov linkedin
Alexandr Isaev
Alexandr Isaev
Frontend Engineer
Alexandr Isaev linkedin
Alexandr Shaikhanov
Alexandr Shaikhanov
Backend Engineer
Alexandr Shaikhanov linkedin
Anton Atsekhovskyy
Anton Atsekhovskyy
Digital Marketing
Anton Atsekhovskyy facebook
Vlad Belousov
Vlad Belousov
Community Manager
Vlad Belousov linkedin


Marcus Killick OBE
Marcus Killick OBE
Jurisdiction Adviser
Marcus Killick OBE linkedin
Simon Cocking
Simon Cocking
Media & Global Partnerships Advisor
Simon Cocking linkedin
Stas Kolesnichenko
Stas Kolesnichenko
Legal Advisor
Stas Kolesnichenko linkedin
Tomas Kärner
Tomas Kärner
Legal Advisor
Tomas Kärner linkedin

Social media

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