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MarginX is the world’s first community-based decentralized exchange built on the Function X network, and running via a multi-chain and on-chain infrastructure.

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Project industryExchanges & Wallets
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What is MarginX

MarginX is the first DEX to be launched on the Function X blockchain. We are built with the Cosmos SDK as a subnet of f(x)Core, and run on a proof-of-stake mechanism. $FX and USDT will be used for gas fees.

We aim to bridge the traditional financial markets and cryptocurrency world by providing a platform where investors can buy, sell and create derivative products of any financial asset, and where every stakeholder has a say in the future of the platform.

MarginX Roadmap

2023 Q1
  • MarginX basic trading function (MarginX chain)
  • Basic trading pair options
  • Cross-chain integration
  • f(x)wallet integration
  • StarScan explorer integration
  • Maker Liquidity Pool (Ethereum/FXCore)
  • AI Bots Trading Pool (Ethereum)
2023 Q2
  • Infrastructure enhancement — stop-loss/take-profit
  • Leverage increase to 25x–50x
  • Funding rate change to hourly basis
  • Trading pair options expand to 30–50 pairs, including stocks, forex and commodities
  • Trading function optimization
  • Cross-chain bridge enhancement
  • Expansion of networks (BSC, Avalanche, Polygon etc.)
  • Fund management
  • Collateral into fxUSD
  • Tokenization of MarginX‘s position to leveraged token

Project team

Dr. Danny Lim
Dr. Danny Lim
Core Contributor
Dr. Danny Lim linkedin
Dr. Shin Liang Chin
Dr. Shin Liang Chin
Core Contributor
Dr. Shin Liang Chin linkedin
Clarence Soh
Clarence Soh
Core Contributor
Clarence Soh linkedin
Dione Chen
Dione Chen
Marketing & Communications Lead
Dione Chen linkedin
Sasikumar Arasaratnam
Sasikumar Arasaratnam
Creative Lead
Sasikumar Arasaratnam linkedin

Social media

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