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Mytime is a blockchain platform to turn human time and actions into a cryptocurrency.

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Project industryBusiness Services & Consulting
Product typePlatform
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What is Mytime

Mytime is a blockchain platform designed to turn human time and activities into cryptocurrency. 

Mytime team is developing a marketplace solution, which will allow businesses to directly trade customer behavior data and launch loyalty programs to promote cryptocurrency. Companies will need to integrate their services with Mytime platform to be able to reward users for their time with Mytime coins (MYTC).

Essentially, the Mytime interaction flow can be described as follows: customers use the services provided by businesses and get rewarded with Mytime coins. Businesses keep records of customer behavior and activities on the blockchain and then arrange P2P data sales to other companies. 

Each user will have a Mytime application with a wallet to get rewards and store Mytime coins.  Businesses integrated with Mytime and collecting data can sell these data directly on the Mytime platform. Data buyers will be using the B2B marketplace interface.

The Mytime project has been in development since the beginning of 2017. The team is planning to implement smart contracts and integrate a lightweight wallet in Q3 2018. 


Public sales: Mar 24, 2018 - Apr 23, 2018
Soft cap: 700 BTC
Hard cap: 21,523,800 USD


Registration country: Cyprus
Office address: Arch. Makariou III 195, Neocleous House 1-5th floor,3030 Limassol,Cyprus

Token info

Ticker: MTT
Type: Utility-token
Token standard: ERC-20
Accepted currencies: BTC, ETH, LTC
Bonus program:
Amount-based bonus: up to 10%

Mytime Roadmap

Quarter 1, 2017

Conceive the idea for mytime. Hold market analysis.

Quarter 2, 2017

Create the mytime team. Identify mytime values for the market. Develop the mytime ecosystem architecture.

Quarter 3, 2017

Negotiate with advertising companies and online communities. Launch, the project website

Quarter 4, 2017

Broad media coverage of the project and conclude mytime agreements with businesses.

Quarter 1, 2018

Produce the Chronos protocol specification. Promote the mytime brand.
Launch the token sale from the 7th to the 24th of February*

Quarter 2, 2018

Implement the Chronos protocol. Launch the first mytime applications. Audit the mytime ecosystem.

Quarter 3, 2018

Public launch of the mytime ecosystem. Launch the first applications. Pilot launch of smart contracts in the mytime ecosystem.

Quarter 4, 2018

Chronos Foundation activities. Public launch of smart contracts.


Integration to leading industries.


Scaling up and expansion.

Project team

Eduard Gurinovich
Eduard Gurinovich
Maksim Ploskonosov
Maksim Ploskonosov
Alex Garkoosha
Alex Garkoosha
Blockchain & Mathematical Expert
Alexander Zelenshikov
Alexander Zelenshikov
Stepan Kamentsev
Stepan Kamentsev
Software Architect
Aleksey Fomkin
Aleksey Fomkin
Chief Technical Officer
Roman Kanunnikov
Roman Kanunnikov
Investor Relations Director

Social media

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