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SafePost is an innovative and secure solution alternative to traditional emails and document storage.

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What is SafePost

SafePost® is a patented decentralized end-to-end encrypted platform based on Open Source technology using among others the blockchain: this technology gives you the guarantee that the algorithms we use are safe and have no back door.

It allows you e.g. to exchange messages and documents a safe and efficient way with your contacts:

  • No more unsolicited emails:you only receive posts from contacts you wish to be connected with,
  • No more missed emails:you are notified every time you receive a message
  • No more phishing emails
  • No anti-spam filter needed = no more wrongly classified as junk emails while they are OK
  • Messages and documents you send to your contacts are encrypted: only you and the contact(s) to which you sent your message and document(s) can read them thanks to a private key.

    Messages and documents are stored in a full-decentralized database in high availability with no possibility for third parties to decrypt and read the content of your messages and documents.

    Note the encryption process of SafePost® has been patented.

    SafePost® innovates in

  • Offering a patented energy-efficient system allowing encryption of messages and documents exchanged without requiring the use of a trusted third party,
  • Setting us free from old traditional email technology, so
  • - no more entry points for hackers,
  • - no more SPAM
  • - no more fraudulent emails,
  • Ensuring the origin of messages received, so no doubt about the origin of the message,
  • Not storing any confidential data readable by a third party thanks to our patented technology.
  • SafePost® is cheaper and more efficient than other solutions available on the market.


  • SafePost® guarantees the price of the STAMP when using its services,
  • The more SafePost® users there will be, the higher will be the price of the STAMP.
  • Details

    IEO (p2pb2b Launchpad): Mar 16, 2020 - Apr 19, 2020
    Token supply: 100,000,000,000 STAMP
    Total tokens for sale: 500,000,000 STAMP
    Hard cap: 472,500 EUR


    Blockchain Platform: Ethereum
    Office address: 87 Rue Ordener 75018 PARIS FRANCE

    Token info

    Ticker: STAMP
    Token price in USD: 1 STAMP = 0.0011 USD
    Accepted currencies: ETH, BTC, Fiat
    Bonus program:
    10% (for amount from 50000 STAMP)
    Token distribution:
    Airdrop - 0,05%
    Advisors - 0,1%
    IEO - 0,5%
    Team - 2%
    Reserve - 97,35%
    Funds allocation:
    4% - ISO 9001 (quality) and ISO 27001 (Safety) certifications
    5% - Patent extension
    30% - Marketing
    61% - Research & development

    SafePost Roadmap

  • SafePost® idea & first marketing researches
  • Writing of the whitepaper document
  • Design of the logo
  • SafePost® trademark registered
  • SafePost® technology patented
  • Development of an ERC20 compatible wallet
  • Full-functionality operational SafePost® V2.0 with own Blockchain testnet
  • Full-functionality operational SafePost® V2.0 with own Blockchain mainnet
  • SafePost in production available in English and in French (Airdrop on October 15th, 2019)
  • SafePost® available in Arabic
  • 2
    March 2020
  • IEO through P2PB2B launchpad
  • SafePost® Android App for Smartphones and tablets
  • 3
    April 2020
  • SafePost® iOS (Apple) App for Smartphones and tablets
  • STAMP listed on P2PB2B
  • 4
    May 2020
  • SafePost® premium accounts with KYC process
  • 5
    June 2020
  • Extension of the patent application abroad
  • 6
    September 2020
  • Program for MacOS and Windows computers
  • 7
    December 2020
  • ISO 9001 (quality) et 27001 (safety) certification
  • 8
    March 2021
  • Secured agenda
  • 9
    June 2021
  • Secured chat
  • 10
    September 2021
  • Secured digital Safe
  • 11
    March 2022
  • Secured voice conversations
  • Project team

    Remy Eisenstein
    Remy Eisenstein
    Remy Eisenstein linkedin
    Martin Nachev
    Martin Nachev
    Senior Web developer
    Martin Nachev linkedin
    Philippe Marsigny
    Philippe Marsigny
    IT Manager
    Philippe Marsigny linkedin
    Valérie Vullo
    Valérie Vullo
    Press Relation Manager
    Valérie Vullo linkedin
    Stephane Vanbellaiengh
    Stephane Vanbellaiengh
    Project Manager and Programmer
    Stephane Vanbellaiengh linkedin
    Jean-Jacques Tille
    Jean-Jacques Tille
    Freelancer - Media Strategy
    Jean-Jacques Tille linkedin

    Social media

    SafePost web-siteSafePost RedditSafePostYouTubeSafePost TelegramSafePost LinkedInSafePost TwitterSafePost FacebookSafePost DiscordSafePost Github


    App storeGoogle Play

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