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Smart Layer makes it easy for large Web2 companies to improve customer experience and business efficiency through tokenization, unlocking the next wave of digital transformation.

Funding Round: $6 Million

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Project industryBusiness Services & Consulting
Product typeService
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What is Smart Layer by Smart Token Labs

Smart Layer is a unique solution that addresses the challenges of integration, privacy, and trust in the digital landscape. It introduces a new layer of integration that enables trustless token logic, paving the way for a tokenized web with unlimited integration potential.

The Smart Layer is a token-incentivised network of service nodes. It is fueled by Smart Layer Token, driving its operations and incentivizing nodes to contribute their resources and enforcing service level agreements.

Three key components make up the Network:

  • The blockchain: This layer provides smart contracts that enforce token transaction rules and maintains snapshots of token operations' commitments for later validation. The Smart Layer Network can operate in any chain.
  • Anchoring Nodes: Run by reputable organisations elected by Smart Layer DAO, these nodes maintain the network's stability and security, verifying that the service nodes have performed their tasks well and issuing proof-of-work attestations.
  • Service Nodes: The larger network of nodes distributes work via a distributed hashtable and provides TokenAPIs, enabling integrations. Operators earn in two ways: firstly, when paid for their services, as websites, apps, and token issuers request data, and secondly, via mining rewards issued from the DAO.

These components work together to create a dynamic, secure, and efficient network.

Both Anchoring and Service nodes are rewarded with Smart Layer tokens for their participation in the network - the more resources they contribute, the greater their rewards. This incentive mechanism ensures the continued growth and sustainability of the network.


Token supply: 100,000,000 SLN
Raised: 6,000,000 USD


Registration year: 2017
Office address:
Level 4, 383 George St Sydney NSW 2000 Australia
16 Raffles Quay, #33-03, Singapore 048581

Token info

Ticker: SLN
Type: Utility-token
Token distribution:
Investor - 25%
Smart Token Labs - 20%
Rewards - 20%
Smart Layer DAO - 34%
Early Community - 1.0%

Smart Layer by Smart Token Labs Roadmap

2017 | Integrated Web via Tokenization

Smart Token Labs founded on a vision of delivering an Integrated Web with greatly improved business efficiency and user experience via tokenization.

2018 | Advanced Tokenization Projects

Full time development of TokenScript and AlphaWallet. 1st mobile wallet to natively support NFTs. VIP Tickets as Tokens for 2018 FIFA World Cup. ERC 875, Blockchain Attestation, EIP 1386, EIP 1387, EIP 1388.

2019 | TokenScript Delivers Smart Tokens

TokenScript design paper introduces Smart Tokens. Similar to ERC20 or ERC721 tokens but with extendable structure & signed JavaScript to realise rich functions and full composability that DApps struggle to implement.

2019 | Advanced Tokenization Projects

Car Ownership Token with Karma Automotive ; ENS contribution ; Qoin e-commerce; EURO2020 VIP Tickets ; Alipay 2020 voucher ; AliEuro App ; Music Rights Token (NFT & FT)

21/2020 | Enterprise and Investor Support

Continued development and implementation of Smart Token technology and use cases. Leading Web3 investors support tokenization vision including Mechanism Capital, Framework, Mark Cuban, Fenbushi, HashKey Global,

2022 / 23 | Technology Market Fit

Smart Token technology deployed as Open Loyalty enabler for events, sports and brands via Devcon6, DevConnect, EDCON, CatchMax, Perion Gaming, La Prairie Switzerland, Nifty Tailor. EIP5169 adopted as new Ethereum Standard.

2023 | Smart Layer Network

Smart Layer Network to accelerate Integrated Web based on Smart Tokens. Server-side deployment via Smart Layer makes integration easier for web service providers and reduces work for Smart Token issuers. SLN Token to bootstrap network / incentivize participation. Token demand driven primarily by mainstream web2 use cases.

2024 | Open Loyalty Focus

Smart Layer Network use cases will focus on Open Loyalty solutions from Smart Token Labs and large enterprise partners in key verticals : events, sports, membership and travel.

2025 | Web2 Smart Tokens

Large web2 players will greatly improve business efficiency and customer experience by issuing Smart Tokens that connect with 3rd party web services via Smart Layer Network. Key verticals to include : travel, automotive, events, loyalty.

Project team

Victor Zhang
Victor Zhang
CEO & Co-founder
Victor Zhang linkedin
Weiwu Zhang
Weiwu Zhang
CTO & Co-founder
Weiwu Zhang linkedin
James Brown
James Brown
Lead Dev & Co-founder
James Brown linkedin
Brent Annells
Brent Annells
Chief Marketing Officer
Brent Annells linkedin
Mathew Sweezey
Mathew Sweezey
Chief Strategy Officer
Mathew Sweezey linkedin

Social media

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