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Nitro an independent, blockchain-based online collaboration platform, which seeks to allow participation in the video-games economy.

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Project industryGaming & VR
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What is Nitro

Nitro consists of 2 key components, the Nitro Marketplace and 2 tokens that holders can use for different purposes; NOX (Nitro Token), a club card with privileges attached and NOD (Nitro Dollar), a USD-pegged sub-token to be used as a form of ingame currency.

With NOX, holders can:

1.Participate in the economy by voting on games to be funded,

2.Receive a discount when purchasing NOD, to be used as a form of in-game currency,

3.Receive bonuses for activities taken in the network.

Nitro will fund games voted in by NOX holders on the platform. Promising Game Studios (“PGS”) will have access to much needed funding and will be able to connect with gamers earlier on in the development cycle.


Pre-sales: Nov 18, 2017 - Nov 22, 2017
Public sales: Nov 30, 2017 - Dec 25, 2017
Token supply: 120000000
Soft cap: 75,000ETH
Hard cap: 61,466,900 USD(fiat)
Raised: 2,694,156 USD


Bounty: 2%
Translation: 20%
Social media: 30%
Bitcoin talk signature campaign: 20 %
Other: 30

Token info

Ticker: NOX
Type: Utility-token
Token standard: ERC-20
Token price in USD: 1 NOX = 0.543475 USD
Token price in ETH: 1 Token = 0.001250 ETH
Bonus program:
First 24 hours - 25% bonus
Subsequent 48 hours - 15% bonus
Token distribution:
50% - pre-sale and crowdsale
3,33% - reward pool
2.5% - fixed-rate for publishing
5% - interactive limited
6% - team
1% - advisors
32,17% - Reserve for future issuance and use
Funds allocation:
10% - Operations
10% - Marketing
10% - Platform Development
60% - Funding Games
10% - Working Capital

Nitro Roadmap

Nov 2017

Nitro Crowdsale

Feb 2018

Game Funding Platform Beta

March 2018

Game Funding Platform Launch

Apr 2018

Nitro Marketplace Test: Feedback and Community Functions Ready

June 2018

Marketplace Alpha: Pre-Launch Cycle Ready

Sept 2018

Marketplace Beta: Launch Cycle Ready

Nov 2018

Marketplace Live

Feb 2019

Marketplace Network Beta

Apr 2019

Marketplace Network Live

Project team

Kin-Wai Lau
Kin-Wai Lau
Kin-Wai Lau linkedin
Gerald Tock
Gerald Tock
Gerald Tock linkedin
Phillip Lord
Phillip Lord
Phillip Lord linkedin
Jason Giambona
Jason Giambona
Jason Giambona linkedin
Nikita Sachdev
Nikita Sachdev
Head of Communications
Yelena V. Sedykh
Yelena V. Sedykh
Director of Partnership
Yelena V. Sedykh linkedin
Douglas Gan
Douglas Gan
Douglas Gan linkedin
Evgeniy Arhipov
Evgeniy Arhipov
Chief Blockchain Developer
Evgeniy Arhipov linkedin
Ilnur Galiev
Ilnur Galiev
Blockchain Developer
Ilnur Galiev linkedin
Kair Kozhaly
Kair Kozhaly
Head Of Russian Community Management
Kair Kozhaly linkedin
Simon Breedon
Simon Breedon
Head Of Digital Marketing
Simon Breedon linkedin


Larry Gan
Larry Gan
BB Fund by Life.Sreda
BB Fund by Life.Sreda
Advisor & Early Stage Investor
BB Fund by Life.Sreda linkedin
Hans De Back
Hans De Back
Hans De Back linkedin
Konstantin Gorozhankin
Konstantin Gorozhankin
Konstantin Gorozhankin linkedin

Social media

Nitro web-siteNitro RedditNitro MediumNitro TelegramNitro TwitterNitro Facebook

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