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To be announced is a block chain based social dashboard that provides ease of control for both central-decentralized social media networks and that also supports community building and social interaction with cryptocurrency rewards.

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Project industrySocial Network & Communication
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Technical details

Releasing on both Waves and Ethereum blockchains gives us the benefits of redundancy, stability, and security. We’re the second company in history to use this formula and it’s proven to be an effective solution to overloaded ICOs. The ERC20 standards set a precedent for creating a token with a tested rule set, which allows onG to analyze and modify the algorithm that distributes its token while not compromising the security layer of the token itself.

What is ongcoin

A decentralized social dashboard creates a bridge to all existing (centralized) social networks and decentralized social networks enabling users to connect, consume, create and distribute information in a way that gives each user ultimate control over their information, social channel(s), privacy, and data encryption. Users will see all existing social feeds (Social Feed Aggregation) and be able to distribute content with ease without completely abandoning the existing systems already in place


Public sales: Aug 09, 2017 - TBA
Raised: 1,270,000 USD

Token info

Ticker: ONG
Token price in USD: 1 ONG = 0.001 USD

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