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Jan 15, 2019 – Apr 15, 2019

Petlife service allows conducting remote consultations online, solves the problems of vet shortage and the quality of veterinary care. Petlife is planning to unite veterinarians in Europe, Asia and Northern America. Petlife also plans to introduce up to 30 veterinary specializations and areas such as surgery, therapy, radiology, rehabilitation, oncology. Vets will be able to consult animal owners to solve common and rare problems: vaccinations, post-surgery conditions, suspected twisted gut, poisoning with household chemicals, treatment of parasitic infestations, itching skin. Animal owners will be able to send medical data required for qualified medical assessments: medical reports, lab results, CT scans, X-ray, ultrasound and MRI tests.

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Project industry Media
Product type Platform
Founded Estonia


Petlife is an international blockchain-based platform for pet owners and providers of veterinary care. The service brings together animal owners with doctors and clinics around the world. It is a platform to provide 24/7 veterinary care.

With our application pet owners can provide their pets with necessary care - remote consultation, interpretation of test results, data storage and electronic prescription. Veterinarians perform consultations, prepare reports and summaries and receive payment.

How does it work?

  • Choosing your vet and mode of communication
  • Pet owner chooses a vet - general practitioner or specialist, for example, surgeon, dermatologist, oncologist, then convenient time and mode of communication - video conference, online chat or telephone call.
  • Consultation
  • Vet analyzes veterinary record, history of diseases, prior tests and prescriptions and questions the patient. After the consultation the vet prepares a detailed report, electronic prescription and gives recommendations.
  • Data storage
  • Electronic medical record stores all treatment-related data introduced by the vet or pet owner. All people participating in the treatment are indicated in the record. In case you want to sell your pet, the record will be sold together with the animal.

    How does it look like?

  • Remote consultations
  • Diagnose, define treatment, analyze test results and consult online
  • Schedule
  • Price, time of consultation, type of patients is determined by the vet.
  • Emergency care
  • Your vet will receive your instant message even offline. If the vet can’t respond quickly, the message will be answered by other specialists.
  • Videochat
  • The vet examines your pet, writes a prescription, prepares treatment plan and gives recommendation.
  • Data security
  • Smart contracts are encrypted and distributed between nods. It guarantees that the nod will not be lost or altered without permission.
  • Billing system
  • Payment and billing (fiat or crypto).

    Petlife. Why do we use blockchain?

    To store data. Veterinary record: Reports of veterinarians, preoperative diagnoses, surgery protocols, results of ultrasound, functional and X-ray diagnostics, prescriptions and recommendations. Petlife App will update the entire chain of blocks in real time and show the changes in the treatment process and animal's condition.

    To treat. Access to medical data and veterinary record. Chain inalterability allows the doctor to assess the quality of treatment and to prepare a competent answer or report for court. Veterinary record is a clinical tool for treatment quality control, monitoring of previous treatment and results.

    To pay for services. Solution to 2 problems associated with payment:

  • direct cross-border payments without international currency conversion fees;
  • express payment between participants of the system, insurance companies, clinics and pharmaceutical companies.
  • ICO Details

    Pre-ICO token supply: 28,500,000
    ICO token supply: 60,200,000
    Soft cap: 4,000,000 USD
    Hard cap: 15,000,000 USD


    ICO Platform: Ethereum
    Country limitations: USA, China, Japan
    Registration country: Estonia
    Office address: Telemedicine OÜ, Randla tn 13-201, 10315 Tallinn

    Token info

    Ticker: PETL
    Type: Utility-token
    Token price in USD: 1 PETL = 0.2 USD
    Accepted currencies: ETH
    Bonus program:
    Pre-ICO - 30%
    15.11-14.12 - 15%
    15.12-15.01 - 5% for the first half of available tokens
    Token distribution:
    62% - Token Sale
    17% - Reserve Fund
    15% - Team & Founders
    4% - Advisors
    2% - Bounty
    Funds allocation:
    23.33% - IT
    33.33% - Marketing and Promotion
    10% - Clinical Support
    3.33% - Research & Development
    6.66% - Legislation
    13.33% - Infrastructure
    3.33% - Innovation
    6.66% - Reserve Fund

    Petlife ICO Roadmap

    August-September 2018

    Emission and sale of tokens

    September-November 2018

    Start of monetization in Europe

    January 2019

    Mobile app with blockchain veterinary record

    July 2019

    Beta-testing of the app

    September-November 2019

    Start of monetization in the USA

    Project team

    M.D. and CEO in Petlife ICO - 1
    Andrey Fedorov
    M.D. and CEO
    CTO in Petlife ICO - 2
    Vlad Diachenko
    CFO in Petlife ICO - 3
    Aleksandr Nosachevskiy
    Head of Customer Support & Community in Petlife ICO - 4
    Julia Bakatova
    Head of Customer Support & Community
    CMO in Petlife ICO - 5
    Marina Kuzmicheva
    Head of Strategic Partnership Department in Petlife ICO - 6
    Victor Savostyanov
    Head of Strategic Partnership Department
    Designer in Petlife ICO - 7
    Natalya Dormidontova
    Community Manager in Petlife ICO - 8
    Arina Kutai
    Community Manager
    Full Stack Developer in Petlife ICO - 9
    Samvel Igityan
    Full Stack Developer
    Community Manager in Petlife ICO - 10
    Anastasia Andriashkina
    Community Manager
    Content Manager in Petlife ICO - 11
    Daria Ladyaeva
    Content Manager


    Technical Advisor in Petlife ICO - 12
    Bogdan Fiedur
    Technical Advisor
    PR Advisor in Petlife ICO - 13
    Jillian Godsil
    PR Advisor
    Equine Expert, Advisor in Petlife ICO - 14
    Georgina Izatt
    Equine Expert, Advisor
    Strategic Advisor in Petlife ICO - 15
    Savio Gomez
    Strategic Advisor

    Social media

    Web-site Medium YouTube Telegram Instagram btctalk Twitter Facebook github



    User rating:

    5/5 ( 1 )

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