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SeaPad (SPT)


The first launchpad combines with the DeFi functions on Sui network & Multi-chains that bring creative ideas to life.

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Project industryCrowdfunding & Lending / DeFi / Sui Ecosystem / Launchpad
Product typePlatform
WhitepaperSeaPad White Paper Open

What is SeaPad

SeaPad is a fair and trusted launchpad platform on the Sui network that accelerates creative ideas and brings the projects to life. SeaPad has two clear main targets:

  • For the projects: SeaPad supports the project in the long term. Not only for the fundraising but also for the whole life of the project from the ideas to the post-launching and even the operation.
  • For users and investors: Seapad eliminates the barriers to help users access the project's investment easily. Our focus is not only on Web3 users but also Web2 users. Seapad aims to create a stable, long-term revenue and benefits for all users.

SeaPad also integrates the Defi functions such as swapping token (Dex), Staking token, marketing tools, on-chain referential mechanism, DAO government, etc. to make it convenient for both project makers and investors. Users once enter SeaPad will not need to move to other platforms.


IDO (BSCStation Launchpad): TBA - TBA
IDO (Spores Launchpad): Jul 31, 2023 - Aug 02, 2023
IDO (EnjinStarter Launchpad): Jul 06, 2023 - Jul 06, 2023
IDO (Poolz Launchpad): Jul 06, 2023 - Jul 07, 2023
IDO (TrustPad Launchpad): Aug 03, 2023 - Aug 04, 2023
Token supply: 100,000,000 SPT


Blockchain Platform: SUI
Country limitations: Afghanistan, Albania, Belarus, Bosnia and Herz, Crimea, Central African Republic, Congo D.R., Cuba, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Guinea, Guinea bissau, Gaza Strip, Iraq, Iran, Kosovo, Lebanon, Libya, Nigeria, Niger, Mali, Montenegro, Myanmar, North Korea, Nicaragua, Nigeria, North Macedonia, Russia, Somalia, Sevastopol, Serbia, Somalia, Sudan, South Sudan, Syria, Ukraine, Venezuela, Yemen, Zimbabwe

Token info

Ticker: SPT
Type: Utility-token
Token price in USD: 1 SPT = 0.05 USD
Token distribution:
Seed round - 12%
Private round - 12%
Public (IDO) round - 14%
Liquidity - 7%
Founding team - 12%
Advisor/Partner - 4%
Marketing - 9%
Ecosystem growth - 10%
Farming & Staking - 10%
DAO Treasury - 10%

SeaPad Roadmap

Q4 2022
  • Init SeaPad Defi project
  • Market and technology investigation
  • Form team and planing
  • Design UI/UX and business analytic
Q1 2023
  • Develope the launchpad basic functions
  • Integration with other protocols and projects in ecosystem
  • Enable projects listing with many stages.
  • Token sales on Sui testnet
Q2 2023
  • Staking and swapping functions on SeaPad
  • Enable Ref mechanism for earning
  • KYC integration
  • Launch platform on Sui mainnet
Q3 2023
  • Voting and government mechanism
  • List SPT token on DEX
  • Form the DAO committee and the tool for DAO committee
  • Complete the on-chain DAO verification mechanism
From Q4 2023
  • Start working with CEX for listing SPT token
  • Develop on-chain monitoring for token listing on SeaPad
  • Develop mobile version
  • Integrate traditional payment
  • Other functions for more convenience and also engaging users

Social media

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