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Solomonstouch is a humanitarian donation platform that merges blockchain technology with nonprofit and outreach and aims to provide real use solutions in the nonprofit ecosystem to henceforth underdeveloped regions throughout the world.

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Project industrySocial Services & Non-profit
Product typePlatform
WhitepaperSolomonstouch White Paper Open

What is Solomonstouch

80% of All proceeds from this platform go directly toward outreach mission projects who currently have a direct impact in changing the economic status of those in need. Project partners with mission projects all over the world who specialize in providing resources like, food, water, education, wireless internet to people who need them most. 

Millennials (MIL) are a NEO- 5 cryptocurrency that is used to send and receive donations through the Solotouch mobile app. 


Pre-sales: Apr 01, 2018 - Apr 30, 2018
Pre-sale token supply: 25,000,000,000
Hard cap: 34,500,000 USD(fiat)


Blockchain Platform: NEO
Country limitations: China, Ireland, Singapore, United Kingdom, United States,

Token info

Ticker: MIL
Type: Utility-token
Token price in USD: 1 MIL = 0.01 USD
Accepted currencies: BTC ETH NEO
Bonus program:
First token presale (0.0025)
Second token presale (0.005)
Third token presale (0.0075)
Token distribution:
33% - Sold ICO
16% - Sold Pre-Sale
11% - Advisors
30% - Organization
10% - Founders
Funds allocation:
65% - Mass Adoption Marketing Campaign
15% - Dapp Development
10% - Operations
10% - R&D

Solomonstouch Roadmap

March 1st - 8th, 2018

First token presale (.0025).

March 8th - March 15th, 2018

Second token presale 50% (.005).

March 15th –22nd, 2018

Third token presale (.0075).

Apr 1st - April 30th, 2018

Initial coin offering (1 cent).

May 17th, 2018

Completion of mobile application and end entry level implementation.

June, 2018

Launch beta testing implementation.

Project team

Darryl Garth
Darryl Garth
Darryl Garth linkedin
Joel Garcia
Joel Garcia
Joel Garcia Joel Garcia Blockchain Technical Advisor
Joel Garcia linkedin
Nikhil Mohan
Nikhil Mohan
Product & Investor Relations Advisor
Nikhil Mohan linkedin
Andres Jaramillo
Andres Jaramillo
Senior Blockchain Developer
Andres Jaramillo linkedin
Paul McNeal
Paul McNeal
Blockchain Advisor
Paul McNeal linkedin
Nick Taliaferro
Nick Taliaferro
Director Of National Outreach
Nick Taliaferro linkedin
Austin Peppers
Austin Peppers
Director Of Business Operations
Austin Peppers twitter
Matt Fracek
Matt Fracek
Director Of Marketing
Matt Fracek linkedin
Bo Thomas
Bo Thomas
Director Of Operations
Bo Thomas linkedin
Michael Stein
Michael Stein
Marketing Advisor
Michael Stein linkedin
Thomas Heffron
Thomas Heffron
Blockchain Advisor
Thomas Heffron twitter
Alex Lee And Gary Savelle
Alex Lee And Gary Savelle
Spiritual Advisors

Social media

Solomonstouch web-siteSolomonstouchYouTubeSolomonstouch InstagramSolomonstouch TwitterSolomonstouch Facebook

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