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Symbiotic is a generalized restaking system enabling decentralized networks to bootstrap fully sovereign ecosystems. It allows decentralized applications, known as actively validated services (AVSs), to collectively secure each other.

Seed Round: $5.8 Million

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What is Symbiotic

Symbiotic is a shared security protocol that serves as a thin coordination layer, empowering network builders to control and adapt their own (re)staking implementation in a permissionless manner.

The protocol’s flexible and credibly neutral design brings unique benefits to network participants:

  • Flexibility through Modularity
Networks control all aspects of their (re)staking implementation, including collateral assets supported, node operator selection mechanics, rewards, slashing, and associated resolving mechanisms. All participants can flexibly opt in and out of shared security arrangements coordinated through Symbiotic.
  • Risk Minimization through Immutability
Non-upgradeable core contracts on Ethereum remove external governance risks and single points of failure. Our simple yet flexible contract design minimizes execution layer risks.
  • Capital Efficiency through Restaked Collateral and Reputation-Based Curation
A permissionless, multi-asset, and network-agnostic design enables scalable and capital-efficient sourcing of economic security. An evolving operator-centric cross-network reputation system will further enhance capital efficiency for network builders.

The Symbiotic protocol consists of 5 interconnected components:

  • Collateral
  • Vaults
  • Operators
  • Resolvers
  • Networks


Raised: 5,800,000 USD


Registration year: 2024

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