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Talent Protocol is the web3 professional network where high-potential individuals can build an on-chain resume and launch a talent token, allowing anyone to easily invest in their careers.

Talent Protocol raises €1.5 Million

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Product typePlatform

What is Talent Protocol

Talent Protocol is to empower undiscovered talent worldwide, by giving anyone, anywhere the ability to create a branded Career Coin, monetize their potential andbuild a worldwide community of committed supporters.

At Talent Protocol we're building an ecosystem to mint, store and exchange personal tokens across the web, while still being interoperable with the Ethereum ecosystem.

A portal from the web2 network to the web3 economy.

TAL is the governance token of the Talent Protocol. It will be launched at the same time as the public beta release.


Pre-sale token supply: 125,000,000 TAL
Token supply: 1,000,000,000 TAL
Total tokens for sale: 128,000,000 TAL
Raised: 1,750,000 EUR


Blockchain Platform: Celo
Registration country: Portugal
Registration year: 2021

Token info

Ticker: TAL
Type: Utility-token
Token price in USD: 1 TAL = 0,1 USD
Accepted currencies: cUSD
Token distribution:
3,5% - Private Raise(Summer Round)
6,5% - Private Raise(Fall Round)
0,5% - KOLs/Influencers
2% - Private Raise - Winter Round
0,3% - Public Raise
12% - Core Team
6% - Extended Team
9,2% - Marketing Rewards
10% - DAO Reserve
50% - Platform Rewards
Funds allocation:
35% - Product development
20% - Legal & Compliance
20% - Marketing
25% - Exchanges Liquidity & Fees

Talent Protocol Roadmap

  • Aug: invited for DeFi Alliance Accelerator Cohort 5.
  • Aug: deployed the alpha version of our web app on testnet.
  • Sep: closed a $350k private raise from 39 early believers at a $10M valuation.
  • Sep: smart contracts successfully audited by Hacken.
  • Oct: selected for CoinList Seed Fall Batch 2021.
  • Nov: beta version of Talent Protocol deployed on Celo mainnet.
  • Nov: raised an additional $1.3M at a $20M valuation.
  • Dec: silver medal at Celo Camp Batch 4 (70 competitors).
  • Dec: 100+ Talent Tokens launched.
  • Jan: surpassed 10K users (registered + waitlist).
  • Feb: the second-fastest-growing protocol on Celo in TVL.
  • Feb: surpassed +20K users and +$300K invested in talent.
  • Mar: @Season 2 will bring On-chain Career Goals, Perks as NFTs, Public Profiles, Discover Page, and new User Rewards.
  • Jul: launch the $TAL token.

Project team

Pedro Oliveira
Pedro Oliveira
CEO & Co-Founder
Pedro Oliveira linkedin
Filipe Macedo
Filipe Macedo
CMO & Co-founder
Filipe Macedo linkedin
Andreas Vilela
Andreas Vilela
Andreas Vilela linkedin
Francisco Leal
Francisco Leal
Francisco Leal linkedin
Full-Stack Developer
Isabella de Brito
Isabella de Brito
Community Lead
Isabella de Brito linkedin


Henrique Caiano
Henrique Caiano
Strategic Advisor & Investor
Henrique Caiano linkedin
Tiago Makes
Tiago Makes
Strategic Advisor & Investor
Tiago Makes linkedin
Marco Barbosa
Marco Barbosa
Strategic Advisor & Investor
Marco Barbosa linkedin
Sanja Kon
Sanja Kon
Strategic Advisor & Investor
Sanja Kon linkedin

Social media

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