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Trusted Node is creating a validator network for proof-of-stake and next-generation blockchains.

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Project industryBlockchain Infrastructure
Product typeTechnology
WhitepaperTrusted Node White Paper Open

What is Trusted Node

Trusted Node is a decentralized, non-custodial validator service and governance hub enabling users to participate in PoS blockchain rewards and governance without the need to personally operate the validator nodes. Trusted Node DAO and its partners own and operate an array of validator nodes. Users have the ability to delegate coins to their chosen PoS networks, and rewards are subsequently distributed back to them. Depending on the platform’s feature utilized, rewards will be paid in blockchains’ native token, liquid derivatives, or Trusted Node token (TNODE).

Trusted Node utilizes the concept of liquid staking to promote staking and bring capital back to PoS. Users staking their coins can create liquid, synthetic tokens, i.e. representations of their locked coins, which they can then hold, trade, sell, or deposit into Trusted Node vaults or DeFi protocols. Liquid staking enables users to gain dual rewards from securing the PoS networks AND providing liquidity to high-APY vaults.

Unlike PoS staking pools and staking services, Trusted Node is decentralized, non-custodial, and governed by Trusted Node DAO. It gives users complete ownership and control of their assets. The platform also focuses on promoting DAO and user participation in the PoS governance through state-of-the-art UX.

Our mission is to improve the safety, usability, and resilience of the PoS ecosystems and enable all users to directly participate in staking rewards and decentralized governance.


IDO (Trustswap Launchpad): Nov 05, 2021 - Nov 18, 2021
Token supply: 1,000,000,000 TNODE

Token info

Ticker: TNODE
Token price in USD: 1 TNODE = 0.02 USD
Token distribution:
Private Sale - 10%
Product development - 10%
Ecosystem / Community - 10%
Team & Advisors - 15%
Validator Delegation Funds & Rewards - 10%
LP Staking Rewards - 43%
Public Sale - 2%

Trusted Node Roadmap



Whitepaper complete; token audit; private sale


Launch token on ETH and list on Uniswap

Binance Smart Chain

Launch token on BSC and list on Pancake Swap

CEX Listing

List token on a centralized exchange
Staking Portal

Cosmos Integration

Integrate coins built on Cosmos into the Staking Portal

Polkadot Integration

Integrate coins built on Polkadot into the Staking Portal
The Vaults

Liquidity Vault Audits

Complete audits for our LP Vaults

New Pools

Strengthen our Liquid Staking service with more liquidity pool vaults
Liquid Staking

Custodial Launch

Liquid Staking launches as a custodial service

Non-custodial Liquid Staking

The vision is complete with fully decentralized liquid staking
Multichain Governance

DAO Escrow Audit

Governance vaults are fully audited

Governance Portal

The Governance Portal is launched with the first TNODE proposal

Multichain Governance

Governance Portal is expanded for TNODE delegation chains

Project team

Stefan Rust
Stefan Rust
Stefan Rust linkedin
Alyssa Aaron
Alyssa Aaron
Ops & Finance
Alyssa Aaron linkedin
Robin Guyard
Robin Guyard
Robin Guyard linkedin
Cameron Lee
Cameron Lee
Cameron Lee linkedin
Faiz Nazarali
Faiz Nazarali
Faiz Nazarali linkedin
Nicolas Nups
Nicolas Nups
Product Manager
Nicolas Nups linkedin
J Garcia
J Garcia
Frontend Developer
J Garcia linkedin
Sunny Cheng
Sunny Cheng
Growth Marketing
Sunny Cheng linkedin
Jake Gould
Jake Gould
Product Analyst
Jake Gould linkedin
Natalia Nowakowska
Natalia Nowakowska
Natalia Nowakowska linkedin

Social media

Trusted Node web-siteTrusted Node MediumTrusted Node TelegramTrusted Node LinkedInTrusted Node TwitterTrusted Node Discord



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