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The ALL.ART Protocol defines upgraded NFT standards with embedded license rights and additional metadata crafted per industry needs stored on-chain, solving a major shortcoming of the current concept and opening doors to worldwide NFT adoption within a whole range of industries.

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Project industryBlockchain Infrastructure
Product typeProtocol
WhitepaperAll.Art White Paper Open

What is All.Art

The core of the ALL.ART Protocol is the new NFT infrastructure that supports creator economies and metaverses of the future. Metaverses are coming and NFTs play a key role in the transformation of digital ownership.

All.Art Protocol runs on the Solana blockchain, which ensures four key benefits: blazing speed and low-cost transactions running on L1 scalability, low energy consumption, and upgradable smart contracts. Solana enables interoperability of protocols, apps, and standards, thus allowing an exponential speed of innovation.

We call this standard NFT-PRO. $AART is the native digital, cryptographically-secure token of the ALL.ART Protocol.


Public sales: Dec 21, 2021 - Dec 21, 2021
Pre-sale token supply: 835,000,000 AART
Token supply: 5,000,000,000 AART
Total tokens for sale: 935,000,000 AART
Raised: 4,500,000 USD


Blockchain Platform: Solana
Registration country: Swaziland
Registration year: 2017

Token info

Ticker: AART
Type: Utility-token
Accepted currencies: USDC
Token distribution:
16,7% - Private Round
2% - Public Sale
22,5% - Team
5% - Advisors
5% - Liquidity
19,5% - Ecosystem
29,3% - Treasury

All.Art Roadmap

  • Core protocol structure.
  • NFT-PRO design.
  • Solana chosen as blockchain solution.
  • Protocol, NFT-PRO creator & explorer, marketplace development with support for NFT-PRO.
  • Unity-Solana wallet + first VR wallet integration with VR-All-Art.
  • Solana hackathon—won 2nd place in the NFT track.
  • SolSea, the first truly open NFT marketplace on Solana, launched.
  • Release of the open-source Solana wallet for Unity with NFT support.
  • Art & Ecosystem Partnerships.
  • Fundraising closed.
  • On-boarding artists, dealers, and marketplaces.
  • Virtual exhibitions featuring art NFT-PROs.
  • IDO.
  • Community awards.
  • NFT Teleport: cross-chain integration.
  • NFT Real Life Object Tagging.
  • Legal and license rights infrastructure.
  • Metaverse launch.
  • $AART integration in web3 products.
  • Creator pools.
  • Creator tokens.
  • Creator economies launch.
  • Metaverse standards integrated with partnering projects.
  • VR auctions.
  • $AART integration in VR products.
  • Each product/vertical is activated with its own ecosystem, users and economies.
  • NFT verticals become separate products.
  • Further development of the ecosystem and protocol standards for NFT verticals.
  • New ALL.ART products to bridge the gap between the real and virtual worlds.

Project team

Vitomir Jevremovic
Vitomir Jevremovic
Vitomir Jevremovic linkedin
Alexander Fuerer
Alexander Fuerer
Alexander Fuerer linkedin
Jovan Tisma
Jovan Tisma
Jovan Tisma linkedin
Milos Bosnjak
Milos Bosnjak
NFT Analyst
Milena  Ignjatovic
Milena Ignjatovic
R & D
Milena  Ignjatovic linkedin
Dejan Ignjatovic
Dejan Ignjatovic
Lead Developer
Dejan Ignjatovic linkedin
Milos Marjanovic
Milos Marjanovic
Lead Developer
Milos Marjanovic linkedin
Uros Stankovic
Uros Stankovic
Marketing Lead
Uros Stankovic linkedin
Luka Stojanovic
Luka Stojanovic
3D Artist
Luka Stojanovic linkedin
Vladimir Vitez
Vladimir Vitez
3D Artist
Vladimir Vitez linkedin
Anja Markovic
Anja Markovic
Product Owner
Anja Markovic linkedin
Djuradj Djuric
Djuradj Djuric
Djuradj Djuric linkedin
Vuk Krivosija
Vuk Krivosija
Chief Architect
Vuk Krivosija linkedin
Matthias Eberle
Matthias Eberle
UI/UX Designer
Aleksa Simic
Aleksa Simic
Community Lead
Larissa Ebneter
Larissa Ebneter
Account Director
Larissa Ebneter linkedin
Sandra Tomic
Sandra Tomic
Collection Lead
Sandra Tomic linkedin
Maurice Steiner
Maurice Steiner
Motion Designer & Video Artist
Maurice Steiner linkedin
Milan Markovic
Milan Markovic
Product Owner
Milan Markovic linkedin
Tim Stcokmar
Tim Stcokmar
Brand Director
Tim Stcokmar linkedin
Jan Thoma
Jan Thoma
Lead Developer (CH)
Jan Thoma linkedin
Katarina Stojanovic
Katarina Stojanovic
Account Executive
Katarina Stojanovic linkedin

Social media

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