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Voltreum is a future-focused technology company seeking to democratize renewable energy (RE) trading over power grids, increase RE penetration, and create a more sustainable future by developing innovative, eco-friendly solutions. Our first offering, Volt-X, is a blockchain-based peer-to-peer (P2P) platform for transparent energy trading across power grids, including smart microgrids and localized distribution networks, with a clear focus on fair pricing.

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Project industryEnergy & Utilities
Product typePlatform
WhitepaperVoltreum White Paper Open

Technical details

The VCP Engine consists of a gRPC server and gRPC clients. gRPC is a high-performance, open-source universal RPC (remote procedure call) framework. The VCP Engine, built on top of the gRPC framework, manages and makes sense of the data ingested from IoT smart meters. It incorporates smart business logic and provides data – that's filtered through this logic – to the Voltreum web and mobile frontend clients. Voltreum's blockchain-based subsystem is based on a powerful Proof of Stake (PoS) algorithm and smart contracts that help create a connected and decentralized peer-to-peer ecosystem based on a microgrid architecture. This subsystem connects to the Global Digital Cluster Coin (GDCC), a community-driven public blockchain that allows anyone to develop decentralized applications, create web3.0 services, and code immutable smart contracts. Smart meters are a vital component of advanced metering infrastructure (AMI), which is crucial for creating smart grids. Next-gen energy networks include AMI powered by Edge computing over 5G networks. Advances in data analytics, IoT, and cloud computing are also helping create a solid foundation to improve energy production and distribution, utility operations, and customer experiences with the smart grid.

What is Voltreum

Our efficient solution brings energy-saving and trading autonomy by connecting your renewable-energy grid with community and central grids.

Our blockchain-based platform promises efficiency in transmission, guarantees fair prices, and above all reduces dependency on traditional grids based on fossil fuels - helping our planet breathe.

The Volt-X application and VOLT hold the key to true borderless and decentralized energy trading between smart grid-enabled individuals, companies, neighborhoods, and even countries. With Volt-X, energy exchange won't be limited by geographical borders.

The solution can be rolled out globally with zero dependencies on geographical location or geography-limited factors. It will allow energy-deficit entities to efficiently meet their requirements and energysurplus entities to monetize their excess energy and avoid wastage Furthermore, the energy exchanged will be renewable and clean. Voltreum, Volt-X, and VOLT will incorporate solar, wind, water, and other renewable energy sources on the same microgrid, thus facilitating the shift to clean energy available on demand. Over time, Voltreum and VOLT will bring transparency and equitability into RE trading over microgrids. They will accelerate the global move towards sustainable, clean energy and stave off the damaging effects of climate change on the planet.


Public sales: Nov 25, 2022 - Dec 05, 2022
Pre-sale token supply: 50,000,000 VOLT
Token supply: 1,400,000,000 VOLT
Total tokens for sale: 250,000,000 VOLT
Soft cap: 250,000 USD
Hard cap: 500,000 USD


Blockchain Platform: Binance Smart Chain
Country limitations: United States, Canada
Registration country: India
Registration year: 2021

Token info

Ticker: VOLT
Type: Utility-token
Token standard: BEP-20
Token price in USD: 1 VOLT = 0.02 USD
Accepted currencies: BSC, USDT
Token distribution:
Seed - 3.57%
Private Rounds - 7.14%
IDO - 0.40%
Dex Liquidity - 6.74%
Company Reserves - 17.86%
Airdrops - 0.71%
Treasury - 4.29%
MKT - 8.57%
RnD - 3.57%
Legal - 1.43%
Team - 7.14%
Partnerships - 2.86%
Staking - 17.86%
In-platformrewards - 17.86%

Voltreum Roadmap

Q3 2021 Due diligence
  • Deep dive analysis of the Energy market
  • Study of the current energy requirements/forecast for the next decade
  • Study of the problems with the current state of the energy market, challenges with global energy generation, transmission and distribution
  • Study of the problems faced by gencos, transcos and discoms
  • Evaluation of country wise energy market regulations
  • Articulating the problem statement
  • Competitor analysis - Including software and hardware players across the globe
  • Evaluation of key feature offerings by each player in the field
  • GAP assessment / SWOT analysis
Q4 2021 Core team formation
  • Identifying and interviewing subject matter experts from the industry
  • Shortlisting and rolling out of contracts/NDAs with selected members
Q2 2022 Project planning
  • Formulating the scope of work (SoW) document to cover the proof of concept testing and final state system development
  • Creating the work breakdown structure and timelines for tasks related to the power syste design, technology development, marketing, sales, and partnerships
  • Identifying the stakeholder management plan and RACI matrix
  • Formulating key project milestones with clearly defined timelines
  • Financial projections required throughout the project lifecycle
Q3 2022 Proof of concept / Minimum viable product development
  • Drafting of physical line diagrams and load profiles for the PoC
  • Evaluation of the various load profiles as per electric standards
  • Drafing of test cases based on variations in generation andusage considering differential loads
  • Procurement of smart meters and power/load equipments for the PoC
  • Development of a broker service for establishing communication with various smart meters (GSM, PLC, Modbus, Radio frequency mesh, SCADA)
  • Development of Voltreum Core Processing (VCP) engine and backend logic for recording transactions on the blockchain system
  • Smart contract deployment on the testnet server
  • Fine-tuning the VCP engine logic with an aim to develop a robust and resilient core
  • Security audit of the VCP engine
  • Deriving key metrics and associated costs for the end to end transaction to develop the business case and financial projections
  • Business case creation
Q3 2022 UI/UX development
  • Finalizing a list of top features/parameters in line with feedback from key stakeholders (Discoms, Govt agencies, End users)
  • User access management in line with significant data security and compliance standards
  • Mobile app and web interface UI and UX design
Q3 2022 Go to market / Whitepaper launch
  • Setting up of social media channels
  • Roll-out of community management services to build brand awareness
  • Whitepaper launch
  • Creation of marketing collateral and business pitch
  • Website launch
Q4 2022 Seed sale
  • Secure funding through a seed sale
Q1 2023 Private sale
  • Secure funding through a private sale
Q1 2023 IDO
  • Official listing on a decentralized exchange
Q2 2023 Strategic partnerships for pilot testing
  • PAN India expansion
  • Documenting key lessons learnt
  • Optimizing the application based on lessons learnt
Q4 2023 Global ramp-up
  • Global expansion in various markets

Project team

Bhakti Vaidya
Bhakti Vaidya
Bhakti Vaidya linkedin
Rahul Awati
Rahul Awati
Rahul Awati linkedin
YK Jain
YK Jain
Senior Energy Consultant
YK Jain linkedin
Leandro Marcarian
Leandro Marcarian
Chief Tokenomist
Leandro Marcarian linkedin
Himanshu Gautam
Himanshu Gautam
Senior Blockchain Developer
Himanshu Gautam linkedin
Vaibhav Ghatge
Vaibhav Ghatge
Senior Project Manager
Vaibhav Ghatge linkedin
Srinath Iyer
Srinath Iyer
Senior Editorial Consultant
Srinath Iyer linkedin


Bindeshwary Rai
Bindeshwary Rai
Strategic Advisor
Bindeshwary Rai linkedin
Mohan Sreekant
Mohan Sreekant
Senior IT Advisor
Mohan Sreekant linkedin

Social media

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