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Anichess is a community-driven, free-to-play game that’s billed as having “new strategic layers powered by magical spells.” Anichess combines the core rules of a classic chess game with a so-called “spell mechanic” that includes a range of offensive, defensive and counter tactics. There will also be esports-like elements added through challenges.

Seed Round: $1.5M

Funding Round: $1.8M

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Project industryGaming & VR
Product typePlatform

What is Anichess

Anichess is a subsidiary of Animoca Brands focused on developing and advancing decentralized chess through its distinctive spell-chess gameplay. Anichess brings new energy and innovation to one of the world’s oldest and most widely played games, modernizing and tokenizing it to take advantage of opportunities presented by Web3 technologies and communities.

Anichess is a completely free-to-play game that combines the core values of traditional chess with an additional layer of strategy provided by new features that include an innovative spell mechanic and special challenges. Anichess boasts a strong focus on powerful visuals and skill-based gameplay to deliver a captivating, esport-like experience for fans of chess and novices alike.


Raised: 3,300,000 USD


Registration year: 2023

Project team

Brian Chan
Brian Chan
Project Sponsor
Brian Chan linkedin
Chevan Tin
Chevan Tin
Project Manager
Chevan Tin linkedin
Moon Ryu
Moon Ryu
Community Lead
Moon Ryu twitter
Partnerships Manager
Genekmkz twitter
Issac Poon
Issac Poon
Partnerships Manager
Issac Poon linkedin
Lucas Tseng
Lucas Tseng
Technical Lead
Lucas Tseng linkedin
Lina Alisauskaite
Lina Alisauskaite
Marketing Manager
Lina Alisauskaite linkedin
Ernesta Petkeviciute
Ernesta Petkeviciute
Design Manager
Ernesta Petkeviciute linkedin

Social media

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