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Arkeo is a decentralized back-end for node data. It aims to provide a censorship-resistant, open marketplace for various types of indexed node data. Arkeo achieves this through its custom built blockchain, built on the Cosmos SDK, which is able to coordinate and offer a marketplace of all type of blockchain nodes.

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Project industryBlockchain Infrastructure
Product typeTechnology
WhitepaperArkeo White Paper Open

What is Arkeo

Arkeo is a free-market decentralized network for providing access to blockchain data. Its intended goal is to create a decentralized option for interacting with any blockchain (although not limited to) and its data. It is somewhat analogous to Infura and Alchemy, which today are the predominate providers in the industry for blockchain data. Both of these providers are highly centralized which creates a problem for web3 to be self-reliant and not require web2 to function. In addition these provider can censor users access to specific services while also do not have to respect privacy.


Token supply: 121,000,000 ARKEO


Blockchain Platform: Cosmos
Registration year: 2022

Token info

Ticker: ARKEO

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