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Astra:OmniRise is a Web3-based MMORPG game that explores the universe, which is the first ERC 6551 game built on Mantle.

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Project industryGaming & VR
Product typePlatform
WhitepaperAstra: Omniris White Paper Open

What is Astra: Omniris

Astra: OmniRise is the first game which is very important in Astra Universe, a lightweight MMORPG that puts players in the role of adventurers who grow up in piloting spaceships in the Astra Universe. Compared to other interstellar-themed games, Astra: OmniRise focuses more on individual character growth, allowing players to experience the story of the universe from their personal perspective. In addition, there are world events in the game that require the player community to vote on story development, which makes the story development more dynamic and unpredictable, providing players with a completely different gaming experience from previous games.

Through the adventures and missions of Astra: OmniRise, players can drive the direction of the Astra Universe and determine its future fate. The game uses an open-creating methods that allows the player's in-game activities to ultimately affect the world's development. If players are more inclined to explore the boundaries of the universe, they may be exposed to new technologies and civilizations. If players are more inclined to fight, they may trigger the attention of some hostile civilizations. All of this will affect the future of the Astra Universe, making the player's role in the game even more important and meaningful.

Our goal is to create a community-driven world where players can directly influence the direction of the Astra Universe's story and development. We plan to achieve this by utilizing open-creating methods and player-driven events such as community votes to determine the direction of the story.

In the long run, our team envisions a thriving ecosystem of a variety of games and content creators who are creating on Astra Universe and contributing to its ongoing development. We envision a future where players can easily move their characters and progress between different games within the Astra Universe.


Token supply: 500,000,000 AOR


Blockchain Platform: Mantle
Registration year: 2023

Token info

Ticker: AOR
Type: Utility-token
Token standard: ERC-20
Token price in USD: 1 AOR = 0.015 AOR
Token distribution:
Strategic Sale - 10%
IDO - 2%
Liquidity - 10%
Ecosystem Fund - 12%
Play to Earn - 40%
Team - 9%
Staking - 17%

Astra: Omniris Roadmap

  • Project Established
  • Teammate Recruitment
  • Project Art Style
  • Website Design
  • Token Contract
  • NFT Contract
  • Website Launching
  • Trailer Publishing
  • Whitepaper Publishing
  • Astra: OmniRise Prologue Staking Online
  • IDO On Zksync Test
  • INO On Zksync Test
  • Initial DEX Offering
  • Initial NFT Offering
  • $AOR TOKEN Publish
  • Conduct Initial Astra: OmniRise Game Beta Testing
  • Gathering Feedback from Beta Testers
  • Implementing Marketing Strategies
  • Astra: OmniRise Game Release
  • Astra Game Event
  • Releasing Astra: OmniRise's First Version
  • Launching the Free PVP System
  • The Space Arena Going Online
  • The First Comprehensive Planet Beta Testing

Project team

Anthony Brown
Anthony Brown
Alexander Sinclair
Alexander Sinclair
Tony Lin
Tony Lin
Hiroshi Kobayashi
Hiroshi Kobayashi
Game Designer
David Zhang
David Zhang
Blockchain Developer

Social media

Astra: Omniris web-siteAstra: Omniris MediumAstra: Omniris TelegramAstra: Omniris X (Twitter)Astra: Omniris FacebookAstra: Omniris Discord

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