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BERU is a scalable decentralized modular TPS extension Layer 2 protocol based on BRC20.

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Project industryBlockchain Infrastructure
Product typeProtocol
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What is BERU Protocol

BERU Protocol is an innovative Layer 2 solution based on BRC-20, designed to optimize the performance and scalability of the BRC-20 ecosystem through its unique underlying protocol architecture. We’re committed to becoming the key infrastructure of the BRC-20 ecosystem by implementing faster transaction processing and reduced fees.

Furthermore, BERU Protocol can address these issues by constructing additional processing layers above the main chain. This not only significantly boosts transaction speed but also reduces transaction costs, enhancing the overall user experience in the crypto sphere.


Registration year: 2023

Token info

Token standard: BRC-20

BERU Protocol Roadmap

Dec 2023

BERU's product development is 80% complete, and the product design results are being gradually disclosed to the community, alongside the upload of the code.

Q1 2024

An Automated Liquidity Protocol

Q2 2024

A Relay Protocol among Bitcoin,BRC-20 and BERU

Q3 2024

A Farming Pool Protocol

2025 Jun

A Decentralized Exchange Protocol for Perpetual Futures

2025 Sep

A Verification Protocol for Bitcoin Layer 2

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