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ICO is a multi-chain Web3 marketplace for ebooks and Audiobooks where anyone can collect, read, and then resell what they buy – just like print books.

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Product typeMarketplace
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What is Book uses Web3 technology to bring reading to the twenty-first century to allow the timeless legacy of literature to continue well into the future.

It is necessary to right the wrongs that original digital publishing committed out of technological necessity. Centralized systems lead to monopolies and abuses of power, which is the antithesis of what books and education represent.

Creators should control the books they want to create, and consumers should ultimately control the digital books they purchase. Literature should be preserved and indestructible for the benefit of all future generations.

That’s where comes in.

However, this cannot be done alone, but through a community of readers, authors, and publishers who share the values. To that end, the $BOOK token is designed to incentivize the creation of a circular economy that benefits and encourages the participation of everyone involved.

Read to Earn™ is a powerful model that aligns the incentives of present-day readers and the demands of the modern world. With this new paradigm, will turn the page to enter a new chapter that benefits everyone.

Knowledge should be decentralized and its consumption incentivized. uses Web3 technology to make books unstoppable, unchangeable, unburnable, and unbannable – the future of books.


Public sales: Jul 24, 2023 - Sep 20, 2023
Token supply: 10,000,000,000 BOOK
Total tokens for sale: 1,500,000,000 BOOK
Raised: 14,560,000 USD


Office address: 550 N CENTRAL EXPY UNIT 257 MCKINNEY, TX 75070

Token info

Ticker: BOOK
Type: Utility-token
Token standard: ERC20
Token price in USD: 1 BOOK = 0.017603 USD
Accepted currencies: ADA, ETH
Token distribution:
Read to Earn Loyalty Program - 50%
Token Sale - 15%
Development - 9%
Team, Advisors & Acquisitions - 26%

Book Roadmap


Initial Fundraising, Team Creation, and Industry Partnerships


Infrastructure for NFT Books, DRM encryption, SmartContracts, NFT Gating, Book Club Functionality, Transitive Royalties

Mainnet Public Launch – 07.20.2022

Fully Decentralized Encrypted NFT eBooks (First Decentralized Encrypted Assets – DEAs) + Anonymous Browser-based Open eReader

More Book NFTs + $BOOK Token

More NFT Book Releases, Marketplace and P2P Exchange Launch, Public Crowd Sale of $BOOK Utility Tokens, Onboarding of Publisher Catalogues

Build, Build, Build

Mint+Print™ Book Bundling, Asset Management/Internal Wallet Generation, Bulk NFT Distribution, Mobile App Release, Read-to-Earn launch, Audiobook Integration, Multi-Chain Integration, Multi-language Support, Accessibility


Fully Decentralized Reader, SDKs for any external reader implementation, Author/Publisher Tools, Enterprise Marketing System, SmartContract WYSIWYG


Voting platform, Autonomous Key Management dApp, Fully Decentralized eReader

Project team

Joshua Stone
Joshua Stone
Joshua Stone linkedin
Ben Illian
Ben Illian
Chief Growth Officer
Ben Illian linkedin
RJ Regenold
RJ Regenold
Chief Technology Officer
RJ Regenold linkedin
Bob Wright
Bob Wright
Chief Legal Officer
Bob Wright linkedin
Brian Clarke
Brian Clarke
Chief Operating Officer
Brian Clarke linkedin
Jason Manske
Jason Manske
Jason Manske linkedin
Alex Vasquez
Alex Vasquez
Alex Vasquez linkedin
Claire Israel
Claire Israel
Claire Israel linkedin
Warren Vosper
Warren Vosper
Sr. Infrastructure Engineer
Sheila Dohmann
Sheila Dohmann
Sheila Dohmann linkedin
Billy Lien
Billy Lien
Billy Lien twitter
Sr. Full Stack Engineer
Guillermo twitter
Chris Valerio
Chris Valerio
Sr. Full Stack Engineer
Chris Valerio linkedin
Digital Design & Process Automation
Zhanji twitter

Social media

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