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Centurion Invest provides high liquid, secured, decentralized investments and trading platforms mixed with investment plans to increase customers’ net worth and profits.

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Project industryExchanges & Wallets
Product typeEcosystem
WhitepaperCenturion Invest White Paper Open

What is Centurion Invest

Centurion Invest's mission is to facilitate access to innovation by educating investors on the most advanced investment tools and dynamic technics:

  • Digital Wallet : Manage all your assets and funds in one place
  • Decentralised cryptocurrency Exchange, OTC and Trading Spot, Futures, Margin, ETF
  • CFD Forex Trading Platform
  • Wealth Management Platform

The Centurion Invest token $CIX, is an ERC20 deflationary token, natively based on the Ethereum Network and has a total circulating supply of 2.4 Billion tokens.

Centurion Invest also boasts integration and partnerships with reputable financial institutions, simple enabling FIAT to Crypto conversion resulting in one of the best deposit and withdrawal user experiences currently available.

Centurion Invest CI hub platform, offers a wallet with the latest security protocols with a simplified user experience. It is the Ideal bridge between fiat and crypto.

CI-Card is a debit card, in partnership with Visa and MasterCard that provides users access to millions of merchants and service providers around the world. The debit card features cash backs, discounts, loyalty benefits and reward programs.


Public sales: Jul 31, 2022 - Aug 30, 2022
Pre-sale token supply: 432,000,000 CIX
Token supply: 2,400,000,000 CIX
Total tokens for sale: 864,000,000 CIX
Soft cap: 3,500,000 USD
Hard cap: 10,600,000 USD


Blockchain Platform: Ethereum
Registration year: 2021
Office address: Harju maakond, Tallinn, Kesklinna linnaosa Rotermanni tn 8, 10111Meissa, Estonia, 118520, EE

Token info

Ticker: CIX
Type: Utility-token
Token standard: ERC-20
Token price in USD: 1 CIX = 0,07 USD
Accepted currencies: USD, EUR
Token distribution:
20% - Founder
6% - Board Members
6% - Management Team
4% - Employees
1% - Airdrops
1% - Client Inventive & Loyalty
4,75% - Reserve
6,25% - Bonus Reserve
8% - First Phase: Pre sale
10% - Private sale
18% - Public sale
15% - Ecosystem

Centurion Invest Roadmap

  • Centurion TL FZLLC Dubai, UAE
  • UAE management and consultancy of the group companies around the world
Q1 2021
  • Centurion Invest OÜ Tallinn, ESTONIA
  • Crypto exchange license of financial services activities
  • Platform for virtual currency exchange against Fiat
  • Wallet management service for virtual currency and Fiat
  • Operating under Ereus Europe OÜ License
Q4 2021
  • CIX Pre & Private Sale
  • Intensification of marketing activities
Q2 2022
  • CI Labs
  • Marketing for blockchain
  • Zug, Switzerland
  • Centurion Invest Europe EMI License
  • Will be providing regulated financial services - for example
  • Creating ledgers, issuing IBANs, depositing money in these ledgers, issuing IBANs depositing money in these ledgers
  • Receiving Money, Sending Money and Collecting Money
  • The supply of virtual and physical Mastercard or VISA debit cards. Status: existing entity
  • Paris - France
  • CIX Public Sale
  • Launch of Staking
Q4 2022
  • NFT & Metaverse expansion
  • CI Academy Launch
  • Centurion Invest PTE LTD PSP LICENSE
  • Payment Service Provider allowing the Account issuance service, Domestic money transfer service
  • Cross-border money transfer service, Merchant acquisition service, E-money issuance service, Digital payment token service
  • Status: existing entity (since February 2021) implementation on progress: recruitment process, office preparation, submission of PSP license to regulatorexpected end of December 2022
  • Centurion Invest Dubai Crypto Exchange License
  • Crypto License in UAE is becoming mainstream with more Free Zones allowing companies to indulge in Crypto trading, Crypto Asset handling, bitcoin trading, and related activities
  • VARA
  • Centurion Invest Canada Crypto Exchange License
  • Crypto Exchange License of financial services activities, platform for virtual currency exchange against Fiat, wallet management service for virtual currency and Fiat
  • Centurion Invest Africa Exchange License
  • Crypto License in Africa is becoming mainstream with more Free Zones allowing companies to indulge in Crypto trading, Crypto Asset handling, bitcoin trading, and related activities
Q1 2023
  • CYSEC Cyprus Forex License
  • The Cyprus Securities Exchange Commission, commonly known as CySEC, is the regulatory body for the financial industry in Cyprus, which has the mission to exercise effective supervision in order to ensure investor protection and a prosperous development of the securities market.
2023 +
  • Q1: CI Platform v.2.0 (Update with Metaverse expansion development)
  • Q2: CIX token Eco-System (Reboot with upgraded smart contract)
  • Q3. MetaCIX Portal service introduction: Unification model for user to engage
  • Q4. CIX mainnet Mainnet development for integration with DDpos system

Project team

H.E. Ali Kassab
H.E. Ali Kassab
H.E. Ali Kassab linkedin
Zulfiquar Z Ghadiyali
Zulfiquar Z Ghadiyali
Vice Chairman
Zulfiquar Z Ghadiyali linkedin
George Seroukas
George Seroukas
George Seroukas linkedin
Utpal Nath
Utpal Nath
Utpal Nath linkedin
Jason H. Jang
Jason H. Jang
Jason H. Jang linkedin
Anders Eismann
Anders Eismann
Local Director
Janar Veiksaar-Melzar
Janar Veiksaar-Melzar
AML and Compliance Officer


Stephen M. Meade
Stephen M. Meade
Stephen M. Meade linkedin

Social media

Centurion Invest web-siteCenturion Invest MediumCenturion InvestYouTubeCenturion Invest TelegramCenturion Invest InstagramCenturion Invest LinkedInCenturion Invest X (Twitter)Centurion Invest Facebook

3 Responses

  • EnricoNovember 7, 2022 at 1:27 am

    Be careful, it’s a scam projet.
    They’re coin are untradable I have lost a lot of money in this company, some investor from AEU were scammed too

    • SABEKMay 6, 2023 at 11:35 pm

      First time I was scam, I’m so angry, I m fed up with crypto their team lock all investor coin (CIX), just read what’s happen in their telegram we are upset, just stay away guys

      • MAREKJune 17, 2023 at 10:10 pm

        Scammer team, please stay safe and avoid this company at all cost.
        Ali Kassab take our money, after he shows on social media as a rich guy ( a clown) but he’s just a poor guy who keep scamming people, but he forgot the last judgment…


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