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A Cross-chain Protocol with Security Scoring and Decentralized Reimbursements for Building Secure dApps and Blockchains.

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Project industryBlockchain Infrastructure
Product typePlatform
WhitepaperCertiK White Paper Open

What is CertiK

The CertiK Chain is a public blockchain platform that provides better safeguards against hacks so you spend less time building security measures and more time building possibilities.

  • End-to-End Security Layers
  • From the high-level Formal Verification of source code to the low-level fully-certified hypervisor/OS kernel of CertiKOS, best-in-class technology at every stack level ensures cohesive security.
  • All-Inclusive Compatibility
  • The CertiK Virtual Machine (CVM) is language-agnostic and is fully compatible with the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM), meaning existing smart contracts written in Solidity or Vyper run seamlessly.
  • Mathematically-Proven Correctness
  • Developers can write smart contracts in DeepSEA or use its compiler to generate bytecode & corresponding proofs, enabling them to more easily verify their program code.
  • Dynamic Security Measures
  • Like providing security clearance only to those who you trust, users have better control over their smart contracts on the Chain and can choose to limit interactions to verified smart contracts.


    IEO (Binance Launchpad): Oct 23, 2020 - Nov 08, 2020
    Token supply: 100,000,000 CTK
    Total tokens for sale: 22,100,000 CTK


    Registration country: Singapore
    Office address: 9 Temasek Boulevard, Singapore 038989

    Token info

    Ticker: CTK
    Type: Utility-token
    Token standard: BEP-20
    Accepted currencies: ETH
    Funds allocation:
    Binance Launchpool - 1.50%
    Private Sale 1 - 29.00%
    Private Sale 2 - 9.00%
    Team - 10.00%
    Foundation - 25.00%
    Community Pool - 17.50%
    CertiKShield Pool - 8.00%

    Project team

    Zhong Shao
    Zhong Shao
    Zhong Shao linkedin
    Ronghui Gu
    Ronghui Gu
    Ronghui Gu linkedin
    Muhan Zou
    Muhan Zou
    Chief Strategy Officer
    Muhan Zou linkedin
    Daryl Hok
    Daryl Hok
    Chief Operating Officer
    Daryl Hok linkedin
    Vilhelm Sjöberg
    Vilhelm Sjöberg
    Principal Scientist
    Vilhelm Sjöberg linkedin
    Zhaozhong Ni
    Zhaozhong Ni
    VP of Engineering
    Zhaozhong Ni linkedin
    Yvan Nasr
    Yvan Nasr
    Global Head of Professional Services
    Yvan Nasr linkedin
    Yu Chen
    Yu Chen
    Head of China
    Zhenhua Cao
    Zhenhua Cao
    Software Architect
    Zhenhua Cao linkedin

    Social media

    CertiK web-siteCertiK MediumCertiKYouTubeCertiK TelegramCertiK LinkedInCertiK TwitterCertiK DiscordCertiK Github

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