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CopyCat (eCAT)


Copycat Dex is an Innovative P2P derivative protocol based on PVPAMM. Copycat Finance supports BRC20 ecosystem and Bitcat DEX.

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Product typePlatform
WhitepaperCopyCat White Paper Open

What is CopyCat is the #1 decentralized COPY TRADING and COPY FARMING on BSC where the innovative social trading meets the high yield social farming revolution.

We believe that financial trading must be simple and easy to use especially for newcomers.

Copycat crews can connect with the multi-strategies pool of master traders and master farmers, or become the legendary leaders of their own trading strategy to boost their passive income.


IDO (DAOStarter Launchpad): Apr 18, 2024 - Apr 20, 2024
IDO (TrustFi Launchpad): Apr 17, 2024 - Apr 19, 2024
IDO (WePad Launchpad): Apr 16, 2024 - Apr 16, 2024
Token supply: 100,000,000 eCAT


Blockchain Platform: Binance Smart Chain
Registration year: 2023

Token info

Ticker: eCAT
Type: Utility-token
Token standard: BEP-20
Token price in USD: 1 eCAT = 0.8 USD
Accepted currencies: USDT

CopyCat Roadmap

Q1 2024
  • Test and implement copy trading system
  • Implement and internally test governance token and equity implementation
  • Test contracts and spot trading system
  • Test deployment of in-house BTC Rollup solution
  • Technical implementation of order book trading based on the BTC network
Q2 2024
  • Create and meet liquidity automation solutions for copy trading Implement market interface for copy trading
  • Conduct essential market pre-launch activities
  • Internally test BTC EVM solution with RGB network logic
  • Develop order book-based trading for BRC20/BRC721 assets
  • Implement automatic scanning and listing of BRC assets
  • Support user-generated assets launch freely or with conditions
  • Conduct official operational testing of the trading platform
  • Support user minting and minting of BRC20 assets
  • Expand insurance services
  • Allow external projects to utilize CopyCat insurance
Q3 2024
  • Implement complete on-chain order trading
  • Collaborate with BTC L2 to develop more complex ecosystem applications
  • Explore the application of Lightning Network technology
  • Further reduce user on-chain transaction fees
  • Research and develop Real-World Asset (RWA) insurance
  • Collaborate with traditional insurance industry firms
Q4 2024
  • Become a leading BRC asset trading platform in the industry
  • Establish necessary liquidity support funds
  • Allow users to generate income through interaction with the liquidity pool
  • Conduct internal testing of RWA insurance
  • Collaborate with DeFi platforms like Comp
  • Launch public beta of RWA insurance
  • Cover most open DeFi and Token insurance services
Q1-Q2 2025
  • Create in-house Bitcoin L2 trading infrastructure
  • Build a different trading system from the existing Bitcoin L2 based on faster Lightning Network or Layer2 solutions
Q3-Q4 2025
  • Improve platform transaction speed and further reduce transaction costs
  • Implement and deploy node test networks to provide verification capabilities for L2
  • Explore the creation of a heterogeneous network
Q1-Q2 2026
  • Officially launch exclusive Lightning trading network for Bitcat Dex
  • Upgrade transaction speed and reduce transaction costs
  • Test data synchronization capability of the heterogeneous network using node network
  • Test efficiency of Oracle in the heterogeneous network
Q1-Q2 2026
  • Implement and deploy test networks for heterogeneous networks, enabling cross-chain capabilities for different chain assets
  • Achieve trading capability for any asset
  • Implement Oracle capabilities in the heterogeneous network
  • Complete comprehensive trading capability of CopyCat for mainstream Web3 assets and mainstream currencies
  • Create the network's most efficient and low-cost decentralized inscription trading platform.

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