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Dolphin Blockchain Intelligence is a platform for crypto asset investment analysis with smart contract-based marketplace for crypto investors and crypto experts.

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Project industryBusiness Services & Consulting
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Technical details

There are three primary parts in the platform’s architecture: 1. Presentation layer (UI with widgets) 2. Data providers 3. Smart-contracts for token management, paid access control and reputation managemen. A data provider is an independent service that delivers data to a widget. Data flow is performed on the platform as follows: 1. A user calls a widget, which, in turn, requests data from a data provider 2. The data provider calls a smart-contract to verify whether an access to the widget can be granted to the user (read only call). 3. The smart-contract checks the user’s subscription status and responds with a result, granting or denying access request. 4. If the smart-contract responds that access is granted, then the data provider transfers requested data to the widget.

What is Dolphin

The platform combines speed of machine learning algorithms with versatility and depth of expert evaluation to provide subscribers with tools for a swifter and more flexible decision-making process. The platform enables collaboration and knowledge sharing between participants, allowing for opinion variety and broadening the scope of analysis. A transparent and attack-proof rating system allows the experts to make a profit out of their contributions. The rating system, revenue distribution and access to widgets are handled by a set of smart contracts, which provide objectivity and transparency. All update proposals to rating or revenue distribution system are voted on by the community and the platform evolves according to needs of users. Independent authors can create their own widgets and deploy them on the platform, enriching it with new features and simultaneously making profit.


Blockchain Platform: Ethereum

Token info

Ticker: DOBI
Accepted currencies: USD, ETH
Token distribution:
Development - 6​​ 300​​ 000 USD, where Product development - 4 000 000 USD Community development - 2 300 000 USD Special​​Funds - 53​​350​​000 USD, where AntiDump Fund - 850 000 USD Funding program for Expert and Author users 2 500 000 USD Compensation program for Subscriber users - 50 000 000 USD

Dolphin Roadmap

Presale August 2017

receive feedback from early backers on what is clear and attractive or unclear and repelling to update project vision, attract early contributors with whom the project can be discussed in detail, verify whether users require a solution for the defined problem, develop an MVP and optimize it according to received feedback

MVP release September 2017

In-house development, number of features depends on the amount gathered at the presale stage: at least 2 automatic (machine learning) and 2 manual (expert) widgets

ICO finishes October 2017

publish a detailed roadmap, launch full-scale development of the final product, attract data provider partners

Beta release January 2018

run the platfrom with testnet smart-contract bug-bounty program starts

Production release v1.0 March 2018

first production release of the in-house developed platform, most widgets and data providers are created by Dolphin BI, community content, bug-bounty program continues

Production release v1.1 May 2018

update in-house developed data providers, integrate data provider partners, add more widgets, publish the official guidelines and online courses for development and deployment of widgets and data providers, incentivize third-party developers (Authors) to join
plan future releases, update roadmap

Mobile app for Android July 2018

release a mobile application, publish a framework for mobile widgets and online courses

Mobile app for iOS September 2018

release a mobile application, update a framework for mobile widgets and online courses

Platfrom services development

Develop services based on Expert's community:
Escrow service
Incubation service
ICO founders verification service
Develop services for Subscribers:
token booking service
token exchange service
KYC/AML service

Platfrom services development

Develop services based on Expert's community: Escrow service Incubation service ICO founders verification service etc
Develop services for Subscribers: token booking service token exchange service KYC/AML service etc

Project team

Pavel Sidorov
Pavel Sidorov
CEO and project manager
Pavel Sidorov linkedin
Andy Varns
Andy Varns
Blockchain and ICO researcher
Andy Varns linkedin
Ivan Kamakin
Ivan Kamakin
Chief data scientist
Ivan Kamakin facebook
Ilya Petrusenko
Ilya Petrusenko
Development Lead
Ilya Petrusenko facebook
Eugene Soloviev
Eugene Soloviev
Frontend Lead
Eugene Soloviev linkedin
Polina Medianina
Polina Medianina
Community manager
Polina Medianina facebook
Olesya Sinitsina
Olesya Sinitsina
Community manager

Social media

Dolphin web-siteDolphin TelegramDolphin TwitterDolphin Facebook

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