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EmiSwap (ESW)


The first AMM decentralized exchange with #NFTs and $ESW governance token.

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Project industryExchanges & Wallets
Product typeDeFi
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What is EmiSwap

EmiSwap is an open-source, decentralized fork of Uniswap V2 and Mooniswap with increased performance and supplemented functionality like scalability, DAO governance, cross and multi-blockchain support, limit orders, true revenue sharing, gamified NFT mechanics, Ether gas refunds, fair minting, interoperability, and bountiful rewards for early swappers and LPs.


Public sales: Dec 01, 2020 - Apr 30, 2021
IDO (Mantradao Launchpad): Jun 29, 2021 - Jun 29, 2021
IDO (Paid Ignition): Jun 30, 2021 - Jun 30, 2021
Pre-sale token supply: 6,000,000 ESW
Token supply: 200,000,000 ESW
Total tokens for sale: 40,000,000 ESW
Raised: 2,825,000 USD


Country limitations: Congo, Democratic Republic of the, Côte d'Ivoire, Cuba, Iran, Iraq, Korea (Democratic People's Republic of), Liberia, Myanmar, Sudan, Syrian Arab Republic, Venezuela, Zimbabwe

Token info

Ticker: ESW
Type: Utility-token
Token standard: ERC20
Token price in USD: 1 ESW = 0.185 USD
Token distribution:
Pre-Seed - 3%
Seed - 7%
Private - 7.5%
Launchpad Sales - 2.5%
Early Liquidity Providers & Swappers - 3%
Protocol Security & Maintenance - 30%
Ecosystem Growth & Community Extension - 22%
EmiSwap Decentralized Developers Community - 20%
Advisors, Ambassadors & Community Building - 5%

EmiSwap Roadmap

May 2020
  • Start of the product architecture and development
  • 2
    February 2021
  • Beta launch
  • Security audit by Hacken
  • Initial functionality launch: swaps, liquidity provision, NFT Magic Cards, Magic Hall, IDO functionality, multi-level referral program, EmiOracle
  • 3
    March 2021
  • UX/UI improvements
  • Minor functionality improvements and bug fixes
  • Gas fee refunds
  • Pre-seed for early adopters
  • Official DEX launch
  • 4
    April 2021
  • Seed round
  • Activation of NFT bonuses and UX/UI adoption
  • X10 rewards for liquidity providers and swappers
  • ESW rewards for liquidity providers and swappers
  • 5
    May 2021
  • Private round
  • DeFi vampirism functionality
  • EmiSwap on Binance Smart Chain Launch
  • EmiSwap logo redesign
  • 6
    June 2021
  • Launchpad sales
  • EmiSwap on Huobi Chain Launch
  • UX/UI redesign
  • ESW listing on CEXes and DEXes
  • 7
    Q3 2021
  • Limit, Stop Limit, and Stop Market orders on EmiSwap
  • Limit, Stop Limit, and Stop Market orders implementation for other DEXes: UniSwap, SushiSwap, PancakeSwap, and others.
  • EmiSwap on Solana blockchain launch
  • Voting implementation
  • Staking implementation
  • NFT farming functionality
  • 8
    Q4 2021
  • EmiSwap on Tron and Polkadot blockchain launch
  • New product – EmiBridge (bridge between blockchains) in the EmiDAO ecosystem
  • Blockchain interoperability, cross-blockchain transactions support and Layer-2 transaction support
  • NFT Card Wars
  • Project team

    Greg Mars
    Greg Mars
    CEO & Founder
    Greg Mars linkedin
    Vyacheslav Dutka
    Vyacheslav Dutka
    Vyacheslav Dutka linkedin
    Ilie (Elijah) Puscas
    Ilie (Elijah) Puscas
    Partnership Manager
    Ilie (Elijah) Puscas linkedin
    Sahil Syed
    Sahil Syed
    Business Development Manager
    Sahil Syed linkedin
    Marina Moon
    Marina Moon
    Chief Creative Officer
    Marina Moon linkedin


    Michael Terpin
    Michael Terpin
    Founder and CEO of Transform Group
    Michael Terpin linkedin
    Sheldon Xia
    Sheldon Xia
    Founder and CEO at BitMart
    Sheldon Xia linkedin
    Juwan Lee
    Juwan Lee
    Chairman and Group CEO at NexChange
    Juwan Lee linkedin
    Jorge Sebastiao
    Jorge Sebastiao
    Strategic Cyber Security Advisor
    Jorge Sebastiao linkedin
    Dr Ahmed Al Zubeidi
    Dr Ahmed Al Zubeidi
    Board Member at Bester Capital Investments
    Dr Ahmed Al Zubeidi linkedin
    Constantin Kogan
    Constantin Kogan
    Co-Founder at BullPerks, Partner at BitBull Capital
    Constantin Kogan linkedin
    Jason Desimone
    Jason Desimone
    Head of Blockchain at Ubik Group
    Juliet Su
    Juliet Su
    Partner at NewTribe Capital
    Juliet Su linkedin
    Oleg Ivanov
    Oleg Ivanov
    Co-Founder at Berezka DAO
    Oleg Ivanov linkedin

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