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Exorde is a decentralised protocol aimed at selling e-reputation scores for brands, products, celebrities and more. Exorde is a new protocol aimed at collecting and extracting sentiment from social networks all over the world through a decentralised community.

Private token Sale first Round: $1.2 Million

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Project industryData Analytics
Product typeProtocol
WhitepaperExorde White Paper Open

What is Exorde

The Exorde WorkSystems are the main components and act as the core for the whole ecosystem.

This platform is decentralized, open, and, as we have seen in a previous article, transparent.

This is where all contributors will work together to index the web as a whole, to extract its unstructured information, relationships, similarities, trends, and any pattern in the information flowing anywhere on the web. It is not important whether it is a platform or a media source. The Exorde platform continuously extracts information from the content being indexed by its contributors, through continuous and decentralized data science analysis.

Exorde is governed by its DAO (decentralized autonomous organization) and will use community votes and polls. Governance is decentralized among all community members, whether they are investors, participants, or workers.

Collectively, they can modify the rules and the internal parameters of the systems (rewards, constraints, deadlines, schedules, etc.) and have an integrated reputation system.


IEO (MEXC Launchpad): Mar 19, 2023 - Mar 20, 2023
Token supply: 200,000,000 EXD
Hard cap: 6,180,000 USD
Raised: 2,000,000 USD


Registration country: France
Registration year: 2020
Office address: 35 rue de Marseille 69007 Lyon France

Token info

Ticker: EXD
Type: Utility-token
Token standard: ERC-20
Token distribution:
Airdrops - 1.5%
Seed - 4.8%
Presales - 3.6%
Public Sale (up to) - 6.0%
Founders & Team - 16.0%
Advisors - 0.8%
Early backer - 6.0%
Exorde Labs (Foundation) - 7.5%
Marketing - 8.0%
Protocol Development - 7.0%
Protocol Rewards - 34.0%
Community bounties - 1.8%
Liquidity provisioning - 3.0%

Exorde Roadmap

Previously (2021 - Today)
  • Creation of Exorde Labs
  • Outlier Ventures Filecoin basecamp
  • $1.2 million raised on 1st private sale
  • Selected in the 7 Coinlist Seed Winter 2022 batch
Q2 2022 (April - June)

Summer private sale

The 2nd private sale that will take place between May and June.

Testnet Launch

Protocol testnet launch with early participants onboarding and Python SDK v1 release.


Launch of the Explorer to see all transactions and contributions made on the Exorde protocol.

Q3 2022 (July - September)

Last private sale

The 3rd private sale that will take place in September.

Exorde Index

First version of Exorde Index : the platform that gives you the next-hour bitcoin price based on online reputation.

Q4 2022 (October - December)

TGE - Public sale

The public sale (TGE) where you can buy EXD.

Mainnet launch

Mainnet launch of the Exorde protocol : DAO launch, liquidity providing, exchange listing (DeXs, CeXs)

Q1 2023 (January - March)


First version of the REST API to access Exorde data in the fastest way possible.

Q2 2023 (April - June)

Data Marketplace

Launch of the Data Marketplace where you pay the community and get the data graphs you want about specific topics.

Project team

Térence Gras
Térence Gras
Térence Gras linkedin
Mathias Dail
Mathias Dail
Mathias Dail linkedin
Damien Pucheu
Damien Pucheu
Damien Pucheu linkedin
Florent Cuzol
Florent Cuzol
Data Engineer
Florent Cuzol linkedin
Jean-Baptiste Lasserre
Jean-Baptiste Lasserre
Software Engineer
Jean-Baptiste Lasserre linkedin

Social media

Exorde web-siteExorde RedditExorde MediumExorde TelegramExorde LinkedInExorde TwitterExorde FacebookExorde DiscordExorde Github

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