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The Fabric Token (FT) ecosystem aims to empower individuals and businesses with easy access to blockchain technology and smart contracts by providing a bundle of user-friendly software.

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Project industryBlockchain Infrastructure
Product typeEcosystem
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What is Fabric Token

The Fabric Token ecosystem is a set of programs enabling anyone to develop, test and deploy their own applications based on blockchain (DApps), and supplying ready-made smart contract templates.

The Fabric Token ecosystem is built around blockchain and smart contract with Solidity technologies used to ensure security.

The Fabric Token ecosystem will consist of four main components: the Fabric Token (FT), TokenGen, DApp Workbench and the Fabric Store.

The Fabric Token (FT) is a functional ERC20 token used as the sole method of payment on the platform.

TokenGen is a web application that enables users to create smart contracts for their own tokens and to create crowdfunding campaigns.

DApp Workbench — a platform that will enable enterprises to model, implement, maintain and improve their business processes by deploying blockchain technology and smart contracts. Fabric Token’s DApp Workbench acts as a go-to product for the integration of blockchain and smart contracts into traditional business process management. The application will be equipped with a drag-and-drop interface built using the BPMN 2.0 standard, which will enable the import and use of workflows created with other BPMN-compatible tools.

Fabric Store — a decentralized marketplace to assist third-party programmers to develop components for smart contracts.


Public sales: Feb 15, 2018 - Apr 01, 2018
Token supply: 80000000
Hard cap: 9,000,000 USD
Raised: 2,424,596 USD


Bounty: 1%
Translation: 25%
Social media: 15%
Bitcoin talk signature campaign: 50 %
Other: 10

Token info

Ticker: FT
Type: Utility-token
Token standard: ERC-20
Token price in USD: 1 Token = 0.112500 USD
Accepted currencies: ETH
Token distribution:
80% - sale to the general public
12% - Fabric Token core team
7% - advisors
1% - bounty program
Funds allocation:
55% - Product Development
14% - Marketing
11% - Contractors
9% - Legal
6% - Contingency
5% - Administration

Fabric Token Roadmap

Sep, 2017

Started Development on TokenGen
Currently the UI and beta functionality, featuring a total of 6 smart contract templates extending the basic token and fundraiser functionality, are both fully operational. The tool will be available to users as soon as the Fabric Token launch is ?nalized.

Oct, 2017

Started Development on DApp Workbench
Extensively tested and ultimately determined the software architecture, technology stack, supported blockchains, and modeling notation for the BPM.

Feb, 2018

TokenGen 1.0
Includes fully functioning web application for token and fundraiser smart contracts generation.

Apr, 2018

TokenGen 2.0
Additional smart contract templates added for both token and fundraiser functionality.

Jul, 2018

DApp Workbench Public Beta
Includes the fully functioning DApp Workbench desktop application as well as cloud with a limited set of smart contract components, which will be determined and publicized prior to the beta launch.

Sep, 2018

DApp Workbench 1.0
Extends the beta version of the software by signi?cantly expanding the smart contract components provided by DApp Workbench.

Oct, 2018

Fabric Store Development Start
Initial code for the smart contracts of the project is written, optimized, tested, audited, and then deployed. Next, a UI to work with the smart contracts is developed.

Dec, 2018

Fabric Store Public Beta
Partly functional UI connected to the smart contracts of the Fabric Store is open to the public for testing purposes.

Feb, 2019

Fabric Store 1.0
The ?rst fully operational decentralized marketplace for smart contract components is o?cially released thus allowing third-party developers to further improve the performance of our vanilla projects and expand the adoption of the Fabric Token ecosystem.


Further Improving The Fabric Token Ecosystem
Further improvements to the Fabric Token ecosystem mainly focused on expanding the functionality scope covered by the smart contract components making the products accessible to an ever-growing group of users and businesses.

Project team

Nikolay Nikov
Nikolay Nikov
Vision, Strategy, Back-End Development, CEO
Nikolay Nikov linkedin
Marin Ivanov
Marin Ivanov
Software & Smart Contract Development, DevOps, CTO
Marin Ivanov linkedin
Doncho Karaivanov
Doncho Karaivanov
Marketing, Content, Design, Front-End & Smart Contract Development, COO
Doncho Karaivanov linkedin


Dimitar Boyanov
Dimitar Boyanov
Business & Legal Framework
Dimitar Boyanov linkedin
Krastyu Georgiev
Krastyu Georgiev
Technical Consultant
Krastyu Georgiev linkedin
Marian Nedelchev
Marian Nedelchev
Business Landscape Analysis & BPM Consulting
Marian Nedelchev linkedin
Milen Ivanov
Milen Ivanov
Market Research & Project Economics
Milen Ivanov linkedin
Petya Valkova
Petya Valkova
Project Management Consultant
Petya Valkova linkedin
Simeon Karaivanov
Simeon Karaivanov
Content Editor
Simeon Karaivanov linkedin

Social media

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