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Fesschain is the first decentralized platform introducing Proof of Proof Mechanism to enhance speed, scalability and security. It addresses the shortcomings of the existing electronic settlement system. FESS offers a quicker and safer way to transact in an electronic environment through application of cutting edge technology.

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ICOmarks.com FESSChain IEO icomarks 9.3 / 10
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Project industry Finance Services & Banking
Product type Cryptocurrency
Founded India
Technical details Fesschain's Proof of Proof (PoP) methodology is based on PoW which challenges shardimg. The Whole Fesschain ecosystem runs on Neutrino Framework which in conjugation of Artificial Intelligence highly optimize the blocks by dropping the irrelavant data.

What is FESSChain IEO

Fesschain is a blockchain based platform that has been diligently designed by integrating the versatility of Artificial Intelligence into the current tech development space. The architecture of Fess’ blockchain aims to power an array of services with its unique Neutrino Framework. However, the foundation of the objectives vouches for building an effective conjuncture between the blockchain technology and solutions to the real-world problems.

The advantages of blockchain technology are no more a secret, and at FESS we are not only seamlessly harnessing it but also putting our best foot forward to deliver an optimized solution that will be beneficial to everyone, be it an individual or a large business entity.

The primary parameter which differentiates Fesschain from other blockchain based solutions is, its underlying framework and working mechanism, which is solely designed to optimize the existing blockchain functionality and enhance security, speed & scalability.

Transactions over the internet are one of the primary necessities of today’s fast-paced world, and through FESS Chain, we are determined to improve the quality of electronic settlement systems. Hence the name FESS: The Future of Electronic Settlement Systems completely justifies it.

Apart from numerous other advanced features at Fess with a real-world utility, an in-house ultra-secured cryptocurrency exchange is also on the cards. We will also launch a utility token named FESS, helping the whole-ecosystem to achieve its long-term vision that is: One Token powering every necessity. All this and more lots makes Fesschain a robust and complete blockchain based platform. Moreover, a young and enthusiastic team with a multivariate background and relevant industry experiences serves as the backbone of this project.


Pre-sales: Aug 01, 2019 - Aug 20, 2019
Public sales: Sep 10, 2019 - Oct 10, 2019
Pre-sale token supply: 130,000,000 FESS
Token supply: 10,000,000,000 FESS
Total tokens for sale: 650,000,000 FESS
Soft cap: 3,500,000 USD
Hard cap: 8,200,000 USD


Blockchain Platform: Ethereum
Registration country: Malta
Registration year: 2019

Token info

Ticker: FESS
Type: Utility-token
Token standard: ERC-20
Token price in USD: 1 FESS = 0.011 USD
Accepted currencies: BTC, ETH, USDT
Token distribution:
6% - Token Allocated for Sale
24% - Token Allocated for Team & Corporation
25% - Token Allocated for Mining
34.4% - Token Allocated for Development & FESS drop
0,5% - Token Allocated for Airdrop / Bounty & others
10% - Token Allocated for Maintenance (Reserved)
0,1% - Token Allocated for ICO Marketing Expenses

FESSChain IEO Roadmap

May 2019

Pre-Private Sale

June 2019

Prototype Launch Whitepaper Launch Private Sale

August 2019

In-house DApps Prototype Launch Public Sale

September 2019

In-house Supply Chain Implementations Content Sharing Application Launch

November 2019

In-house DApps Launch

January 2020

Launching of Internal Exchange & Test Net

March 2020

Test Net Bounty with Public

May 2020

Main Net Launch

Project team

Durga Prasad Tripathi
Durga Prasad Tripathi
Founder, Global CEO & Head of Blockchain Development
Praveen Kumar Sahani
Praveen Kumar Sahani
Co-Founder, COO
Mehtab Mehdi
Mehtab Mehdi
CTO & AI expert
Prashant K. Maurya
Prashant K. Maurya
Shoaib Malik
Shoaib Malik
Head of Creative Operations
Abhishek Pandey
Abhishek Pandey
Head of Business Development
Alok Mishra
Alok Mishra
Chief of Marketing Operations & PR Head
Mohit Gupta
Mohit Gupta
Head-Design & Graphics
Pulkit Kumar
Pulkit Kumar
Resource Manager
Priyank Gupta
Priyank Gupta
Marketing Strategist
Rahul Deb
Rahul Deb
Social Media Manager


Mr. Emmanuel Adams
Mr. Emmanuel Adams
Founder/President of AfroDex Labs Member, Union of Crypto Advisors #UOCA CTO at BitFXt.co Co-Founder at SmarTree.io

Social media

Web-site Reddit: FESSChain IEO Medium: FESSChain IEO YouTube: FESSChain IEO Telegram: FESSChain IEO Instagram: FESSChain IEO BTCTalk: FESSChain IEO LinkedIn: FESSChain IEO Twitter: FESSChain IEO Facebook: FESSChain IEO Steemit: FESSChain IEO Github: FESSChain IEO



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