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GenesisOne is a cryptocurrency platform that will utilize diverse businesses and projects globally to bring sustainable value to its members. By entrenching itself into communities globally where the greatest needs exist; GenesisOne looks to embrace marginalized and neglected peoples to cultivate, develop and elevate them and their communities to allow for the exponential growth needed in global GDP to bring equity to all!

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Project industryGaming & VR
Product typeApp

What is GenesisOne

GenesisOne is a platform that stands to re-invent not only the cryptocurrency space but the way we transact and handle our finances daily. Bridging technology, finance, gaming, real world projects in different industries can help create a dynamic, transformative, and lasting new paradigm of doing business.

By taking care of all people and keeping their interests paramount, we can offer products tailored to people’s communities, hopes and dreams. There is no real limit to the good we can accomplish with this platform by collectively using local global talent and our knowledge base in finance, technology, and trade we can create an upsurge in overall value and benefit received by people, communities, and stakeholders.

Come and Join the forum without giving it a second thought as this is a social forum which will definitely add value in your plan, business or anything which you have in mind. We will work as a team, one for all, all for one. We will have a small world of all similar minds at GenesisOne and this way we all will grow for each other, with each other.


Pre-sales: May 07, 2020 - Jun 07, 2020
Public sales: Aug 30, 2020 - Dec 01, 2020
Pre-sale token supply: 100,000,000 GenOne
Token supply: 100,000,000,000 GenOne
Total tokens for sale: 1,000,000,000 GenOne
Soft cap: 10,000,000 USD
Raised: 1,000,000 USD


Blockchain Platform: Ethereum
Country limitations: USA
Registration year: 2020

Token info

Ticker: GenOne
Type: Utility-token
Token standard: ERC20
Token price in USD: 1 GenOne = 1 USD
Accepted currencies: ETH, EUR, USD, GBP
Bonus program:
Funds allocation:
25% - Key Hires & Employee Benefit Plans
20% - Product/Project Development
20% - Treasury for future product/project rollouts.
10% - Affiliate Network
10% - Waterfall Analysis
5% - Research and Development costs
5% - Working Capital
5% - Marketing & Promotion

GenesisOne Roadmap

May, 2020 _ Pre-ICO
  • Currently in progress with pre ICO until beginning of May, 2020
  • 2
    30 Aug to 01 Dec, 2020 _ ICO
  • Rollout - Asia, Europe, South America, Central America, Canada, Mexico. (Highlight - China, South Korea, Japan, India, Pakistan, Indonesia, Philippines, United Arab Emirates, Israel, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia)
  • 3
    November, 2020 _ ICO Rollout USA
  • GenesisOne CyberLottery & Gaming platform and Global Sports Wagering Platform Launch - June, 2020
  • Real Estate Investments
  • Trade operations of Caribbean Network - September/October, 2020
  • Trade Operations South America Ooerations - November, 2020
  • Airline Pilot Training Centers - 2021
  • Airline Operations - 2021
  • Major Infrastructure Projects - 2021
  • Pilot Program for Security Enclave in major City - 2021
  • Community Development/Housing - 2021
  • Entertainment Centers - 2021
  • Banking Platform - 2021
  • Project team

    James Edouard
    James Edouard
    President and CEO
    James Edouard linkedin
    Elis Li
    Elis Li
    Public Relations & Brand Director
    Elis Li linkedin
    Mohana Sundaram
    Mohana Sundaram
    Chief Technical Officer
    Mohana Sundaram linkedin
    Jenicks Raja
    Jenicks Raja
    Project Manager
    Jenicks Raja linkedin
    Vignesh M
    Vignesh M
    Product Development Officer
    Vignesh M linkedin
    Ranjith Babu
    Ranjith Babu
    Senior UI/UX Designer
    Ranjith Babu linkedin
    Hafiz Ahamed
    Hafiz Ahamed
    UI Developer
    Hafiz Ahamed linkedin
    Veera Sharma
    Veera Sharma
    Blockchain Full Stack Developer
    Veera Sharma linkedin
    Thirupathi A
    Thirupathi A
    Unity 3D and Full Stack Developer
    Thirupathi A linkedin
    Alwin Mathew
    Alwin Mathew
    MERN Stack Developer
    Alwin Mathew linkedin
    Kazi Sajib
    Kazi Sajib
    Marketing/Promotions Manager
    Kazi Sajib linkedin

    Social media

    GenesisOne web-siteGenesisOneYouTubeGenesisOne TelegramGenesisOne InstagramGenesisOne BTCTalkGenesisOne LinkedInGenesisOne TwitterGenesisOne Facebook

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