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Past ICO
Apr 01, 2019 – Apr 30, 2019

Imusify is a music platform and ecosystem designed to provide an open-source innovation space for developing new means of music distribution, consumption, and engagement.

Imusify’s self-publishing platform creates an efficient system for artists and content creators to network and collaborate, while maintaining direct ownership of their work. ϑ IMU tokens will be used as the engine to support imusify’s proprietary music economy, creating an immense potential value for the token’s use as a means for exchanging value between artists, fans, and other participants.

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Hype score High
Risk score NA
Investment rating NA imusify (IMU) ICO icobench 4 / 5 imusify (IMU) ICO icomarks 9.5 / 10 imusify (IMU) ICO trackico 5 / 5 imusify (IMU) ICO icoholder 3.9 / 5
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Project industry Art & Music
Product type Technology
Founded Estonia


In today’s music industry, money speaks louder than ever. The rapid digitalization of music has led to a wide range of avenues for monetizing content. The problem however, is that the music industry was built as a centralized system for physical distribution. This was more practical in the 1970s when there was no internet and record labels were distributing actual records. This centralized system was not designed for today’s digital world and its outdated structure creates multiple inefficiencies in the music value chain. Fortunately, we now have the technology to begin to decentralize the music industry, providing increased value to artists, consumers and other industry players.

imusify is one of the pioneers of music’s decentralization movement. Other blockchain music projects also show leadership in tackling certain inefficiencies such as event booking and copyright management. However, what sets imusify apart is that it aims to serve different shareholders and players across the entire music value chain, including crowdsourcing, collaboration, production, distribution, promotion, curation, live events and more. While existing blockchain music projects address several current pitfalls of the music industry, imusify is designing for the future. We are building a scalable and adaptable technology framework for artists, music lovers, entrepreneurs and developers to use our platform to connect with the imusify community, create collaborative content and build new use cases.

While blockchain poses myriad opportunities to increase quality of life for virtually anyone in some way, operating as a decentralized organization presents inherent risk. With the birth of cryptocurrencies and exchanges, the barrier for investment decreased dramatically. The subsequent flood of currencies and initial coin offerings (ICOs) entering the market has led to several economic boom and bust episodes. A boom and bust episode occurs when a company experiences a significant rise and fall in asset prices that do not directly relate to the firm’s value or profits.1 With blockchain still in its infancy, very few currencies are mature enough to be traded based on their use case’s delivery of value or return of profits. Although a cryptocurrency exchange exists similarly to a stock exchange, until now cryptocurrencies have been traded solely on speculative basis, with little consideration for the actual value or potential profitability of the company.

imusify considers it a responsibility to present a cohesive document that allows us to escape the “whitepaper era” of blockchain and currency trading and into the era of real use and real value. While most whitepapers do not discuss the greater context of the blockchain economy, this analysis can be valuable to our readers by clarifying the inevitable uncertainty of an innovative venture like imusify, and by providing the necessary information for shareholders and early adopters to make informed decisions.

ICO Details

Pre-ICO token supply: 100,000,000 IMU
ICO token supply: 350,000,000 IMU
Total tokens for sale: 650,000,000 IMU
Soft cap: 1,000,000 USD
Hard cap: 25,000,000 USD


Registration country: Estonia

Token info

Ticker: IMU
Type: Utility-token
Token price in USD: 1 IMU= 0.05 USD
Accepted currencies: NEO, BTC, ETH
Bonus program:
Pre-ICO - 30%
ICO 1-2 days - 12%
ICO 3-9 days - 9%
ICO 10-16 days - 6%
ICO 17-23 days - 3%
Token distribution:
38% - main sale
8% - pre-ICO
4% - private sale
14% - incentive pool
13% - company
11% - team and advisors
8% - strategic partnerships
2% - contributor rewards
2% - charity program
Funds allocation:
20% - product development
20% - sales and marketing
20% - legal
20% - supplier development
15% - operations
5% - charity program

imusify (IMU) ICO Roadmap

July 2017

Concept Development.

August 2017


November 2017

MVP 1.

January 2018

Team Established.

February 2018

MVP 2.

October 2018

imusify Alpha.

November 2018

imusify Beta.

December 2018

Imusify v1.

January 2019

imusify Academy.

March 2019

Platform 2.0.

Project team

Chief Executive Officer in imusify (IMU) ICO - 1
David Walters
Chief Executive Officer
Chief Financial Officer in imusify (IMU) ICO - 2
Dina Yedigeyeva
Chief Financial Officer
Chief Operating Officer in imusify (IMU) ICO - 3
Nate Strang
Chief Operating Officer
Chief Marketing Officer in imusify (IMU) ICO - 4
Jennie Legary
Chief Marketing Officer
Project Manager & Legal Advisor in imusify (IMU) ICO - 5
Luka Pregelj
Project Manager & Legal Advisor
Project Director in imusify (IMU) ICO - 6
Jaroslav Karasek
Project Director
Attorney in imusify (IMU) ICO - 7
Gianluigi Guida
Backend & Blockchain Development in imusify (IMU) ICO - 8
Basit Raza
Backend & Blockchain Development
Community Manager in imusify (IMU) ICO - 9
Jovana Jelkic
Community Manager
Blockchain & Lead Frontend Developer in imusify (IMU) ICO - 10
Andres Jaramillo
Blockchain & Lead Frontend Developer
Blockchain & Backend Developer in imusify (IMU) ICO - 11
Istvan Szukacs
Blockchain & Backend Developer
UI/UX Designer in imusify (IMU) ICO - 12
Istvan Balinth
UI/UX Designer
Product Manager in imusify (IMU) ICO - 13
Constantin Nicholas Goller
Product Manager
Creative Content Lead in imusify (IMU) ICO - 14
Matthew Hussey
Creative Content Lead
Chief Product Owner in imusify (IMU) ICO - 15
Marco Aniballi
Chief Product Owner
Business Development & PR in imusify (IMU) ICO - 16
Business Development & PR
Developer in imusify (IMU) ICO - 17
Onuwa Nnachi Isaac
Business Development in imusify (IMU) ICO - 18
Wayne Chico Pittman
Business Development
Innovation/Business Strategist in imusify (IMU) ICO - 19
David Spielman
Innovation/Business Strategist
Marketing in imusify (IMU) ICO - 20
Darius Bruner
Chief Technical Officer in imusify (IMU) ICO - 21
Tadej Krevh
Chief Technical Officer


Blockchain Advisor in imusify (IMU) ICO - 22
Joakim Holmer
Blockchain Advisor
Technical Advisor in imusify (IMU) ICO - 23
Nikolaj Kuntner
Technical Advisor
Technical Advisor in imusify (IMU) ICO - 24
Chris Hager
Technical Advisor
Music Industry Partner in imusify (IMU) ICO - 25
John Gado
Music Industry Partner
Music Industry Advisor in imusify (IMU) ICO - 26
Marcus Brown
Music Industry Advisor
Music Industry Advisor in imusify (IMU) ICO - 27
Wayne Rosso
Music Industry Advisor
Music Industry Advisor in imusify (IMU) ICO - 28
Vincent Castellucci
Music Industry Advisor
Strategic Advisor in imusify (IMU) ICO - 29
Gijs Verheijke
Strategic Advisor
Music Industry & Strategic Advisor in imusify (IMU) ICO - 30
Dennis Chin
Music Industry & Strategic Advisor
Advisor in imusify (IMU) ICO - 31
Tommy Walters
Technical Advisor
 in imusify (IMU) ICO - 32
Tadej Krevh
Technical Advisor
Fundraising and Product Advisor in imusify (IMU) ICO - 33
Jeremy Khoo
Fundraising and Product Advisor
Advisor in imusify (IMU) ICO - 34
Alexandre Orfevre

Social media

Web-site Reddit Medium YouTube Telegram Instagram btctalk LinkedIn Twitter Facebook Steemit github

User rating:

5/5 ( 1 )

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