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Jury.Online is an open source protocol with the possibility of integration with any blockchain platform using smart contracts. The protocol is independent of underlying blockchain technology.

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What is Jury.Online

Jury.Online platform is an Investor-Project environment for a multistep release of the funds and the tokens to the parties with an escrow.

Jury.Online positions itself as a platform for making deals.

The functionality of the base platform will provide for the possibility of concluding transactions that, in the event of a claim, are considered by a group of independent expert judges who announce the final verdict of the transaction in favor of one of the parties.

JOT Token is the local currency of the website which provides the ability to pay for the ICO, arbitrators and internal services. JOT is an internal token of the project. It will be used to pay a dispute settlement fee on the Jury.Online platform. JOT tokens will be used to pay for Juri.Online services along with ETH.

Jury.Online offers a set of services that are planned to be implemented consistently. The implementation of services will be carried out in parallel with the launch of the first three ICO projects which are planned for the platform. Key services of Jury.Online are ICO staging, forming a smart contract on the use of funding raised during the ICO and Jury's dispute resolution service.



Public sales: Feb 12, 2018 - Apr 30, 2018
Hard cap: 6,000,000 USD(fiat)
Raised: 3,927,408 USD


Registration country: Estonia
Office address: Tartu mnt 83-701 Tallinn Harjumaa 10115

Token info

Ticker: JOT
Type: Utility-token
Token standard: ERC-20
Token price in USD: 1 JOT = 4.117638 USD
Accepted currencies: ETH
Token distribution:
70% Will be available for sale 20% Team 7% Advisers and for bounty programmes 3% Remain as a stock of liquidity to ensure flawless and independent operation of jury.online before token enters cryptocurrency exchanges and the market stabilizes, as well as for compensations in exceptional cases

Jury.Online Roadmap

Oct - Nov 2017


Jury.Online collected 1552 ETH

Feb - Mar 2018

Jury.Online ICO
Minimum cap is 3 mln $, maximum cap is 6 mln $

Apr - Jun 2018

Listing On Exchanges

After successful ICO we will be listed on a number of exchanges including but not limited to IDEX, Binance, Okex, YoBIT and Etherdelta

Apr - Jun 2018

Non-Linear Milestone Funds Distribution With Weights. Platform Design (UI/UX)

Implementation of funds distribution in linear milestones system according to the weights of the milestones’ goals with manual and automatic customization. Investors and projects will have the possibility to adjust the weights in funding and token distribution to customize personal InvestContracts. This will require a significant rebuild of existing smart contracts. UI and UX platform design and implementation of the Project, Arbiter, Investor profiles and Project marketplace.

Jun - Sep 2018

Milestone Postpone And Reorganization Implementation As An Optional Feature. Implementation Of The Templates To The Platform Dashboard. Attraction Of Projects To The Platform.

At the early stage of development, it’s hard to predict if all parts of functionality will remain viable and relevant in 3 or 6 months. Thus the option to reorganize and postpone milestones by mutual consent will be demanded. The platform dashboard will have the opportunity to automatically reflect any number of the simultaneous Projects setting the first stage of Project Marketplace implementation. Jury.Online will bring in at least 3 new Projects undergoing ICO in the nearest future who will be among the first partners of Jury.Online.

Sep - Dec 2018

Research And Conceptual Design Of Non-Linear And Branched Weighted Milestones, Gain Of Relevant Experience.Secure Communication Between Investor And Project. Marketing Of The Project. Staffing.

Initially, projects create linear roadmaps with every milestone being unlocked once the previous one is completed. This method doesn’t fit all projects, some of them need a more complex way of organizing milestones. For example, a project may present several steps (“levels”) with a number of milestones at each level and investors can choose one (or more) milestone from each level. Another possibility upon finishing a milestone, there are several options to be the next one each one having its weight of Token or Fund distribution set by mutual consent between an Investor and a Project in each single InvestContract. Jury.Online task is to analyze the relevant experience of the clients and partners and set the conceptual draft of this feature’ latter implementation. We will also implement secure channel of communication for better understanding of the mutual needs before investment stage. We will establish long-term relationships with a number of cryptoexchanges, marketing agencies, listing and rating companies for our partners to get the full advantage of Jury.Online platform. According to the research work Jury.Online will increase its staff by high-level professionals for better implementation of this feature.

Dec 2018 - Mar 2019

Implementation Of The Complex And Branched Milestone Funds Distribution With Weights. Automated Multilingual Support Of Arbiters’ Communication.

Basic functionality distributes investments proportionally to the milestones’ goals, but usually, investors are interested in some development stages more than in others. For example, one may want to have libraries for the most popular programming languages for product usage, while others may wish to have an appealing website which will attract customers. We want to give Investors more control and communication with Projects to have more options for all parties of InvestContract. Branched and complex weighted milestones will have more impact on further development and bring more responsibility to the Projects setting new standards of the ICO approach. We will add automated multilingual support of arbiters’ communication for Investors and Projects by implementing API of one of the global suppliers of CAT services.

Mar - Jun 2019

Various Cryptocurrencies. Adding Premium Features To The Platform.

Basic functionality can be used only with ETH investments, additional exchange module is going to be implemented for other cryptocurrencies including various ERC20 tokens. We will add a premium selection of the Projects, an independent rating system for them and a Project roadmap assessment.

Jun - Sep 2019

Pools Of Arbiters. Adding Possibility To Set Own Pricing For Arbitration. Adding Pools Of Arbiters Of Third-Party Organizations. Ratings Of The Pools. Expert Advisory Board. Appeal System. Pools’ Categorization.

Development of responsible ICO naturally leads to the implementing the general concept which can be used for deals of any subject. During the operation of responsible ICO Jury.Online stores a database of arbiters with their specializations which later will be utilized for dispute resolution of general-purpose deals. We will arrange a number of pools of Arbiters of third-party organizations representing real business and famous organizations to enhance Arbiters’ selection during ICOs. The rating system of the pools will be implemented together with pools categorization for better and more convenient approach to the investing via the platform. Experience of the previous month will help to develop appeal system that will be applicable for all types of controversial situations that may arise between Investor and Arbiter or Project and Arbiter.

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