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Koura is the new asset class, the currency of the future, today. A liquid instrument that also has intrinsic value by mixing all the benefits of and equity and fiat currency, without any of their drawbacks. Koura is not only created to become the liquid instrument that all investors dream of, but it will benefit them with dividends paid out yearly. Essentially, Koura was born from the raw material of the preferred shares issued by Konzortia Capital to be the base currency for all transactions.

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Project industryBlockchain Infrastructure
Product typePlatform
FoundedCosta Rica

What is Koura

At Konzortia Capital, we have developed an integral solution to real-life problems faced by companies, especially startups. In order to get ahead of our competion and to have a clear advantage, we have incorporated blockchain technology, alongside scalability, as our foundation.

Our solution, called InveStart, will give worldwide startups access to the working capital they need – regardless of their industry and what stage their company is in.

1. InveStart is an equity-based crowdfunding platform that will allow any company from anywhere in the world to raise capital. Startup companies and projects, in general, have a hard time raising capital. Venture capitalists are hard to get and expect to receive too much of your equity and you end up being someone else’s employee.

If you are working on a startup company or project, you have no track record and therefore banks will not lend you any money. Bearing in mind that not all companies can have access to accelerators, angel money or any other alternatives to raise capital, startups are left with one last resource, a crowdfunding platform.

A crowdfunding platform is only a viable option if the startup is willing to register in a given jurisdiction where the crowdfunding platform is based, this is also valid for equity-based crowdfunding which is more restricted and less popular than traditional crowdfunding.

2. Capitalista Is an equity-based crowdfunding platform that will allow any company from anywhere in the world to raise capital. Most people would agree that making money in the markets can become challenging, especially for small investors. One of the main reasons is that quality services are only available to wealthy investors. Some of the services that are widely offered are trading signals and managed accounts. A trading signal simply tells the investor at what price a trade should be entered and at what price it should be closed at a pair, while managed accounts are trading accounts where the trading is executed by a professional trader in exchange for a portion of the profits.

Quality trading signals are just non-existent and, in most cases, trading signals are generated by amateur traders and uncalculated risks are taken which causes investors to lose money and managed accounts that actually generate profits are only available to those that set up large trading accounts.

Capitalista will provide its clients with quality services that will allow them to profit from financial markets with trading signals that actually deliver positive results and managed accounts accessible to both large and small investors.

Clients will be able to virtually trade any liquid asset in the world using Capitalista’s platform at a cost close to zero, as the strategy is to use this service to attract new clients and profit from the other services. Capitalista will feature an index where all companies that raise capital using InveStart will be listed, and their tokens can be traded the way trading is done in a stock market, this market will be called NAO Index.

Capitalista will be able to compete against the industry’s dominant players by using a scalable model through its franchising and network marketing strategy. That way, independent affiliates will be able to offer the company’s services and get compensation for it using a network marketing reward model.

Trading accounts can be kept using Kouras as the base currency, and everything will be done using the security provided by blockchain technology.

3. NovaBank. A platform that will serve as the new version of global banking, with features such as remittance service, payment processor, wallet, credit card, Koura payment processing for merchants, and messaging app complete with a map that shows local businesses near to the user accepting Kouras payment and those that work as authorized offices. Users can exchange Koura, fiat currency or other NAC equity right on NovaBank, quickly, safely, and efficiently

In most cases, remittance services are very expensive, sometimes very limiting when it comes to the amounts allowed, and overall just not practical. Many suffer from lacking access to banking services.

Once a Koura is sent to the recipient, either through the application or an authorized NovaBank agent, you will be able to use your Kouras in several ways. You can spend it at affiliated merchants that accept Koura as a form of payment, or you can go to a local NovaBank affiliate and have it converted to your local currency . You can even use your NovaBank debit card to make payments and/or withdraw cash at the ATM.


Public sales: Oct 18, 2019 - May 18, 2020
Token supply: 133,000,000 KOU
Total tokens for sale: 100,000,000 KOU
Soft cap: 11,000,000 USD
Hard cap: 49,000,000 USD


Registration country: Costa Rica
Registration year: 2018

Token info

Ticker: KOU
Token distribution:
NAO - 36.000.000
Private Sale - 10.000.000
Advisory - 5.000.000
Seed Investors - 5.000.000
Founder Kouras - 19.000.000
Bounty - 4.000.000
Team - 10.000.000
Pre-NAO - 10.000.000

Koura Roadmap

Q1 2018

KOURA’s Seed capital

Q2 2018

KOURA’s Seed Capital
Creation of Web Presence
Creation of Legal entity
Private Sale of Security Tokens Begins

Q3 2018

Incorporation in Canada

Q4 2018

KOURA obtains FINTRAC License in Canada

Q4 2019

Incorporation of Capitalista, NovaBank and InveStart
Creation of Alpha version of Capitalista (Web)
Outsourcing capital development activities

Q1 2020

Private Sale of Security Tokens ends
Initial licensing requirements for Capitalista & NovaBank
Launch of NovaBank
Presale - Initial Token Offering Begins on NovaBank

Q2 2020

Licensing requirements for InveStart
Launch of InveStart
Additional licensing for NovaBank
Additional licensing for Capitalista
PRE-ICO ends
Initial Token Offering begins in NovaBank

Q3 2020

Launch of Capitalista

Q4 2020

Expansion and growth of Capitalista, NovaBank and InveStart

Q1 2021

Begin development of KOURA proprietary blockchain platform

Q2 2021

Implementation of NovaBank, InveStart and Capitalista

Q3 2021

Release of alpha version of KOURA’s blockchain

Q4 2021

Release of beta version of KOURA’s blockchain

Q1 2022

Testing of beta version of KOURA’s blockchain

Q4 2022

Implementation of KOURA’s blockchain platform

Q3 2023

Final version of KOURA’s blockchain platform

Q1 2024

Migration from Ethereum platform to KOURA blockchain

Q2 2024

Full adoption of the KOURAs blockchain

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