ICO is a Healthcare Blockchain & DApps platform for Electronic Medical Records.

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Project industryBig Data & Data Storage
Product typePlatform White Paper Open

What is

Medica is a healthcare ecosystem that enables a secure dApp infrastructure for storing health records. The Medica uses an application protocol to create the distributed, secure data storage and decentralized marketplace for the healthcare industry participants. Utilizing secure computational methods and an encrypted data storage layer is based on top of a Proof of Authority blockchain network, patients verifiable and directly controled personal health data is only available for patients.


Pre-sales: Sep 28, 2018 - Nov 10, 2018
Token supply: 1,000,000,000
Hard cap: 30,000,000 USD(fiat)

Token info

Ticker: MEDTK
Type: Utility-token
Token price in USD: 1 MEDTK = 0.03 USD
Accepted currencies: ETH BTC FIAT
Bonus program:
PRE SALE (28-09-2018) - 30% Bonus ($0.03)
SALE STAGE 1 (07-01-2019) - 20% Bonus ($0.06)
SALE STAGE 2 (04-02-2019) - 10% Bonus ($0.09)
Token distribution:
94% - community
6% - development
Funds allocation:
25% - Platform development
25% - Operational development and data collection financing
15% - Marketing and communication
10% - Regulatory
10% - Business Development
5% - Reserves
5% - Operating and other expenses such as legal or administrative
5% - Other expenses Roadmap

2018 Q1

Concept Generation
Team Assemble
Platform design and technical demonstration
Building the MVP

2018 Q2

Proving the concept can work
Strategic Plan
White paper completion
Public financing & Seed funding raised

2018 Q3

Alpha Test
In-house testing of functional
Prototype published and linked to Ethereum blockchain with real-time scanning

2018 Q4

Token Sale
ICO Press Tour
Open global sales of ICOblock token

2019 Q1

App Beta Test
Private closed beta
Open beta launched to public and improvement the app

2019 Q2

Crowdfunding Integration
Smart contracts support creators
Ethereum tokens support

2019 Q3

Community Benefits
Establishing global user base
US start retailer selection

2019 Q4

Hardware things
Integration of third party controllers
Marketplace cooperative module

2020 Q1

More Operational
Integration with Private Chains, More Coin in Wallet
New services offered by members or business

Project team

Paul Flores
Paul Flores
Paul Flores linkedin
Sebastian Raul Wain
Sebastian Raul Wain
Sebastian Raul Wain linkedin
Albert Chan
Albert Chan
Healthcare Expert
Albert Chan linkedin
Yao Delan
Yao Delan
Yao Delan linkedin


Thanaa Aabdeen
Thanaa Aabdeen
Investment Banker
Thanaa Aabdeen linkedin
Connor Chan
Connor Chan
HealthCare Expert
Connor Chan linkedin
Cess laguardia
Cess laguardia
Digital Marketing Expert
Cess laguardia linkedin
Ian Xia
Ian Xia
Medical Expert
Ian Xia linkedin
Cherry Wong
Cherry Wong
Medical doctor
Cherry Wong linkedin
Qihua Yin
Qihua Yin
Healthcare Expert
Qihua Yin linkedin

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