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Oct 21, 2021 – Nov 10, 2022

The world of MetaVerse is expanding in a rapid way. Monetizing the MetaVerse for you, start making and selling Meta-apps. Web3.0 crypto-payments in the MetaVerse and start selling anything by converting it to NFTs.

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Project industrySocial Network & Communication
Product typePlatform

What is Metacoms

As Metaverse has grown by leaps and bounds, the Metacoms platform has integrated many features such as 3D Metaverse P2P crypto transfer and made the platform NFT-compatible. It is much more than a new generation communication platform for office, school, or any private or corporate business; it is a platform with virtual world features that makes it businesslike and entertaining.

Meet Metacoms - a fully functional communication platform embedded with Metaverse features and multiple digital stores for you to monetize the Metaverse

  • Customized Spaces for All and for Free
  • Parcels of most used Spaces will move to the center
  • One Parcel for a Space of 20 users is free.
  • Four combined Parcels for 60 users will cost ~$15 year
  • Whole campuses and offices for Companies
  • Spaces and Sub-Spaces with entrance policy
  • Features for Space, done by App-developers
  • Join events Free and Paid


Public sales: Oct 21, 2021 - Nov 10, 2022
Token supply: 3,000,000 METAC
Soft cap: 500,000 USD
Hard cap: 21,000,000 USD


Blockchain Platform: Binance Smart Chain
Registration country: Estonia
Registration year: 2020
Office address: Väike-Paala tn 2, 11414, Harju Maakond, Tallinn, Estonia

Token info

Ticker: METAC
Type: Utility-token
Token standard: BEP 20
Accepted currencies: USD - EUR - BNB- BUSD - Fiat (GBP, AUD, SEK, CAD, CHF, DKK, PLN, CZK, NOK, NZD, BRL)
Token distribution:
7% - Promotion
22% - Ecosystem
9% - Payments
62% - Sale

Metacoms Roadmap

2022 Q1
  • Working 2D POC
  • Web3.0 Wallet login
  • Launch ICO
  • P2P Crypto transfers
  • Vaiyo → Metacoms
2022 Q2
  • Launch IDO Xion.Finance
  • 2D POC Android iOS
  • NFT Mining
  • NFT Exchange
  • Spaces VR Engine
  • Humans VR Engine
2022 Q3
  • Launch IDO
  • Start 3D Development
2022 Q4
  • Launch IEO
  • Tier 1 Listing
  • Metaverse members only
  • Designer competition
2023 Q1
  • Face scan verification
  • App Hackathon
  • Metaverse open

Project team

Antony Chang
Antony Chang
CEO & Founder
Antony Chang linkedin
Hemant Pancholi
Hemant Pancholi
CTO & Co-founder
Hemant Pancholi linkedin
Amir Naghavi
Amir Naghavi
Mobile Lead Developer & Co-founder
Amir Naghavi linkedin
Ankita Pancholi
Ankita Pancholi
Lead Developer & Co-founder
Ankita Pancholi linkedin
Gvantsa Bukuri
Gvantsa Bukuri
Executive Assistant
Gvantsa Bukuri linkedin
Martin Laur (BA)
Martin Laur (BA)
Compliance Manager
Martin Laur (BA) linkedin
Suraj Jaiswal
Suraj Jaiswal
Marketing Manager
Suraj Jaiswal linkedin
Harpreet Singh
Harpreet Singh
Product Designer
Harpreet Singh linkedin
Bobby MN
Bobby MN
Community Manager
Daniel Ajibola
Daniel Ajibola
Community Manager
Saepul Muhtadin
Saepul Muhtadin
Community Manager
Mahdi Abdi
Mahdi Abdi
Business Manager
Mahdi Abdi linkedin
Lamidi Muhammed
Lamidi Muhammed
Community Manager
Community Manager
Ali Allal
Ali Allal
Community Manager


Zied Chaabane
Zied Chaabane
ICO Advisor
Zied Chaabane linkedin
Henk van der Heijden
Henk van der Heijden
Advisor & Shareholder
Henk van der Heijden linkedin
Adrian Niculescu
Adrian Niculescu
Advisor & Shareholder
Adrian Niculescu linkedin

Social media

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