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ModoView is developing a Mixed Reality (MR) framework for companies interested in easily creating their own MR applications, training courses and games that can be compatible with the common MR hardware.

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Project industryGaming & VR
WhitepaperModoView White Paper Open

Technical details

The token has a fixed supply of 100 million tokens, with the full supply created on WAVES blockchain. Tokens purchased in BTC, Ethereum and WAVES will be released on the WAVES blockchain. At any given moment there will be no more than 100 Million available ModoView tokens. WAVES decentralized asset exchange allows for native token trading without inherent 3rd party regulation and fees. This exchange will be used to buy back ModoView tokens with platform profits.

What is ModoView

ModoView offers an end to end MR development life cycle and also has the ability to sustain future MR development.

Token info

Ticker: MODO
Accepted currencies: BTC, ETH, Waves
Token distribution:
100 Million Total 65 Million to crowdsale participants 35 Million retained by the ModoView Team with the purpose of: - Create and maintain an internal infrastructure - Framework creation and final product marketing - Employee expansion - Future developments over the next years

ModoView Roadmap

1ST OCTOBER 2017 - ModoView Token Sale

The MODO token is available to purchase.

NOVEMBER-DECEMBER 2017 - ModoView website launch

The ICO website will be replaced with a new and detailed project plan based website where we will explain the target and the potential of our platform, the features that we've planned, updates, and the established partnerships.

Q1 2018 - ModoView Framework Alpha launch

First release of our framework with initial functionality demonstrating the backbone of our tools. It will be ready for testing by third parties.

Q2 2018 - ModoView Framework Beta launch + Demos

Identified and prioritized features completed with a nearly stable version for continued testing. We're going to share demos of our framework targeted to different market segments.

Q3 2018 - ModoView Framework 1.0 Final launch

Final version launch, partners announcement and marketing campaigns.

Project team

Milan Dave
Milan Dave
PR Manager
Milan Dave linkedin
Michele Scotellaro
Michele Scotellaro
Product Manager
Michele Scotellaro linkedin
Lorenzo Sinisi
Lorenzo Sinisi
Lead Developer
Lorenzo Sinisi linkedin

Social media

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