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MYX, the game changer in perpetual trading powered by noval Matching Pool Mechanism(MPM) — zero Slippage, zero borrowing Costs, low fees, giving you a winning start.

Seed Round: $5 Million

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What is MYX Finance

Pioneering Decentralized Trading for Real Traders.

Powered by its proprietary Matching Pool Mechanism (MPM) trading engine, MYX offers an unparalleled on-chain derivatives trading experience.

MYX offers USDT-margined perpetual future contracts up to 50x leverage. As an innovative decentralized perpetual exchange that achieves zero slippage through its unique Matching Pool Mechanism (MPM). Seamlessly matching long and short positions, MYX enables capital efficiency up to 125x, unlocking boundless opportunities for traders.

MYX is a decentralized derivatives exchange operating in a P2Pool2P mode. The platform's liquidity providers become the counterparties for the imbalanced long and short positions. Through a dual mechanism of funding rates and Maker/taker Fees, market makers are encouraged to participate and maintain a balance of long and short positions within the platform. MYX stands as the most capital-efficient decentralized derivatives exchange in the current market. It presently supports perpetual contracts for both BTC and ETH, with users being able to leverage up to 50 times.

MYX strives to maximize LP capital efficiency by achieving relative Long-Short equilibrium. Trading Fee is an integral part of MYX's mechanisms for achieving the goal.


Raised: 5,000,000 USD


Registration year: 2023

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