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The wallet is a free multicurrency interface that allows users to interact directly with the blockchain while remaining in full control of keys and funds. Users can easily and far issue, list and trade their assets in one intuitive interface. The Ncrypto POS (Point of Sale) settlement module lets businesses accept payments in fiat, crypto, and their own tokens issued in the platform, then transfer cashback to all the customers using Android or iOS devices and internet.

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Project industryExchanges & Wallets
Product typePlatform
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What is Ncrypto

NCRYPTO.IO is a tool used to simplify and economically optimize interactions between businesses and individuals, rather than offer another way of crowdfunding or running so-called ICO (Initial Coin Offering). NCRYPTO.IO is being presented a mass-market product that can simplify the engagement of massive numbers of users into capabilities that the Cryptoeconomy gives.

Users of the platform get a convenient instrument (Web/IOS/Android applications):

  • to deposit funds including fiat (USD/EURO)
  • to work with different currencies
  • to exchange at an integrated exchange
  • to withdraw to his/her card or bank account
  • to issue his/her own token or asset
  • to define and set its own logic of crowdfunding
  • to get an integrated customizing payment model to interact with crowdinvestors
  • All of these in just one platform.

    The platform has its own multicurrency exchange. It avoids the need for double / triple conversion and exchanges one crypto currency for another or for fiat, using, for example, a dollar account. In this case, the network itself will select the optimal exchange rate.

    A special feature of the platform is the availability of a separate module for the initial offering of tokens on the exchange for a more visual and simple "crowdsale". The business logic of the token, or the rules of the "crowdsale", is formed by simply selecting the limiting conditions.

    The additional block-the token prospectus-makes it easy to integrate; the created token, the rules of carrying out "crowdsale" with the project's web page, and serves as a gateway for investors to carry out payments in both crypto and fiat currencies.


    Pre-sales: May 28, 2018 - Jun 30, 2018
    Public sales: Jan 24, 2019 - Oct 30, 2020
    Total tokens for sale: 50,000,000 NCR
    Hard cap: 5,000,000 USD


    Blockchain Platform: Ethereum
    Registration country: Estonia
    Office address: Harju maakond, Tallin, Kesklinna linnaosa, Tuukri tn 19-tuba 315, 10152

    Token info

    Ticker: NCR
    Type: Utility-token
    Token price in USD: 1 NCR = 0.1 USD
    Accepted currencies: NCR, BTC, ETH, Fiat
    Bonus program:
    Week 1 - 11.11 - 18.11 - 44%
    Week 2 - 19.11 - 25.11 - 40%
    Week 3 - 26.11 - 02.12 - 35%
    Week 4 - 03.12 - 09.12 - 29%
    Week 5 - 10.12 - 16.12 - 22%
    Week 6 - 17.12 - 23.12 - 0%
    Week 7 - 24.12 - 31.12 - 0%
    From 500NCR to 1000NCR - 5%
    From 1000NCR to 5000NCR - 7%
    From 5000 NCR - 10%
    Token distribution:
    • 20% of all tokens issued for the project team
    • 20% of all tokens issued for the development fund
    • 5% of all sold and distributed for the bounty
    • 3% of all sold and distributed for the advisors

    Ncrypto Roadmap

    Sep 2017

    Concept development.

    May 2018

    Blockchain and web wallet deployment.

    Jul 2018

    IOS/android interfaces.

    Oct 2018

    - Tokenization module;
    - 700 platform users.

    Nov 2018

    Start of limited token sale based on the deployed platform.

    Dec 2018

    - Exchange;
    - 1500 Platform users.

    Jan 2019

    POS rebate settlement system integration.

    Mar 2019

    Virtual fiat co-branded cards issue. NFC integration.

    Jan 2019

    - High load/public blockchain concept development physical co-branded cards issue with integrated rebate system;
    - Start of NCrypto fiat payment system development.

    June 2019

    30 000 – 100 000 Platform users.

    Dec 2019

    - Alfa deployment of high load/public blockchain.
    - Tests; 0.3 to 3 million users Platform users;
    - PSP (payment service provider) license.

    Project team

    Dmitriy Pavlov
    Dmitriy Pavlov
    CEO, co-founder
    Dmitriy Pavlov linkedin
    Oleksii Chepelyk
    Oleksii Chepelyk
    Business developer, co-founder
    Oleksii Chepelyk linkedin
    Sergey Nemesh
    Sergey Nemesh
    CTO, co-founder
    Sergey Nemesh linkedin
    Andrii Bulavinov
    Andrii Bulavinov
    Blockchain developer, co-founder
    Andrii Bulavinov linkedin
    Dmitry Bezkorovainyi
    Dmitry Bezkorovainyi
    Blockchain/iOS developer
    Dmitry Bezkorovainyi linkedin
    Chafik Abdellaoui
    Chafik Abdellaoui
    International business developer, co-founder
    Chafik Abdellaoui linkedin


    Marcin Gawryś
    Marcin Gawryś
    Legal advisor
    Marcin Gawryś linkedin
    Magnus Dufwa
    Magnus Dufwa
    Technical Advisor
    Magnus Dufwa linkedin
    Bill Rusedski
    Bill Rusedski
    Finance and Investment advisor
    Bill Rusedski linkedin
    Quentin Herbrecht
    Quentin Herbrecht
    Strategy Advisor

    Social media

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