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NeoNomad Finance is one of the first decentralized ecosystems to bridge the gap between traditional finance, real world-assets, and DeFi on Solana. It is an all-inclusive, integrated ecosystem, providing diverse DeFi services and tools under one roof. Some of these services include a DEX, integrated payments services, and asset-backed NFTs. On the DEX, NeoNomad provides lending, yield farming, and staking, among other services.

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Project industryFinance Services & Banking
Product typeDeFi
WhitepaperNeoNomad Finance White Paper Open

What is NeoNomad Finance

Developed by Nomads, for Nomads. Unbound by time and place, NeoNomad bridges the gap between CeFi and DeFi. The future is a parallel economy. NeoNomad is the world's first innovative cryptocurrency ecosystem that combines several services for a more financially inclusive world. By incorporating a decentralized exchange, NomadPay, and an NFT marketplace that ties digital art to real-world assets, NeoNomad sets itself apart from competitors in the DeFi space by offering a diverse array of services to enable users to reach their financial goals as they desire.


IEO (XT Launchpad): Apr 06, 2022 - Apr 06, 2022
Token supply: 1,111,111 NNI
Hard cap: 198,000 USD

Token info

Ticker: NNI
Type: Utility-token
Token price in USD: 1 NNI = 0.045 USD
Token distribution:
35.00% - Staking/Mining Reserve/Liquidity Pools
20.00% - Team Allocation with (4 year linear release)
20.00% - IDO (Public Sale)
5.00% - Development (2 year linear release)
5.00% - Marketing
3.00% - Advisors
1.00% - Airdrop
1.00% - Bounty
10.00% - Private sale
Funds allocation:
NeoPay P2P Payment Service - 25%
NeoNomad AgDeFi - 25%
NeoNomad MinDeFi - 35%
Platform Platform, Development, Marketing - 15%

NeoNomad Finance Roadmap

JAN 2021

ZARTether Smart Contract launch

FEB 2021

Commence Visa integration with ZARTether

Merch 2021

NeoNomad Xchange Smart Contract introductions & Development

April 2021

Start NeoNomad mobile app development

JAN 2022

Transition from ZAR Tether to NeoNomad Xchange, Decentralized Futures ecosystem

June 2021

NeoNomad DEX development

July 2021

NeoNomad mobile app development

AUG 2021

Tokenomics structure and whitepaper development

SEPT 2021

NeoNomad centralized & decentralized Xchange & from-end development

OCT 2021

Landing page for NeoNomad $NNI development & NeoNomad Xchange licensing application

NOV/DEC 2021

TokenMinds PR campaign

JAN 2022

Huge market rollout. Messari application

FEB 2022

Integration of "Protection Mining" to cover Investment Fund

March 2022

Listing on Blockfolio. Expansion of development team.

April 2022

$NNI IDO. Staking. YieldFarming. Swaps & NomadPad. NeoNomads Launchpad goes live.

MAY 2022

NomadPay powered by Solana Pay. NomadPay VisaX & NomadPay SwiftX

June/July 2022

NeoNomad AgDeFi, MinDeFi & CeFi dashboard goes live. Launch NeoNomad Capital Investment Fund.

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