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Jun 03, 2024 – Sep 01, 2024

SpacePay is a revolutionary cryptocurrency payment software solution designed to revolutionize the way people transact in the digital age. SpacePay bridges the gap between traditional financial infrastructure and the decentralised world of blockchain technology.

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Project industryFinance Services & Banking
Product typeService
WhitepaperSpacePay White Paper Open

What is SpacePay

SpacePay by presenting a decentralised and scalable payment method integrated into card machines, empowering merchants to meet evolving customer demands while ensuring seamless transactions.

SpacePay by offering crypto integrated payment solutions. SpacePay employs QR codes on POS terminal machines, allowing users to scan them from their mobile devices. The QR code redirects to their preferred wallet, enabling seamless payments.

At the core of SpacePay lies Crypto payments technology, a pioneering approach powered by blockchain. By eliminating the necessity for centralised intermediaries, Crypto payments enhance privacy, security, and efficiency. Leveraging this technology, SpacePay provides merchants and consumers with a decentralised, terminal-agnostic payment protocol, streamlining transactions and reducing costs.


Public sales: Jun 03, 2024 - Sep 01, 2024
Token supply: 34,000,000,000 SPY


Registration year: 2024

Token info

Ticker: SPY
Type: Utility-token
Token price in USD: 1 SPY = 0.00147 USD
Token distribution:
Public Sale (ICO) - 20%
User Rewards & Loyalty - 17%
Development - 10%
Founders - 5%
Strategic Partnerships & Ecosystem - 18%
Marketing & Community Building - 18%
Reserve Fund - 12%

SpacePay Roadmap


Launch Preparation & Development


Launch & Community Engagement


Global Expansion & Establishment

Project team

Maxwell Bunting
Maxwell Bunting
CEO and Founder
Maxwell Bunting linkedin
Karen Nunn
Karen Nunn


Bradley Mason
Bradley Mason
Head of Retail Partnerships
Bradley Mason linkedin
Ian Scarffe
Ian Scarffe
Head of Web 3 Partnerships
Ian Scarffe linkedin
Sherif Hallouda
Sherif Hallouda
Payments Partnership Advisor for MENA and EU
Sherif Hallouda linkedin
Payments Partnership Advisor for Oceania
Hamza Khan
Hamza Khan
Web 3 Partnerships Advisor
Hamza Khan linkedin
Giacomo Arcaro
Giacomo Arcaro
Web 3 Marketing Advisor
Giacomo Arcaro linkedin
Shelley (Schachter-Cahm) Grayson
Shelley (Schachter-Cahm) Grayson
Cryptocurrency Regulations Specialist
Shelley (Schachter-Cahm) Grayson linkedin
Cryptocurrency Regulations Specialist

Social media

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