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Past ICO
Jun 04, 2018 – Jul 01, 2018

Open Source University (EDU) is a decentralized platform providing the “digital credentials wallet” as a service to the learners/users without any limits to what universities, fields of studies or courses they choose. Empowering 7 billion learners to connect to world’s top academic education and professional development opportunities on the Ethereum blockchain.

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Open Source University (EDU) ratings Open Source University (EDU) icorating Open Source University (EDU) icobench 4.2 / 5
Hype score High Open Source University (EDU) icomarks 8.4 / 10
Risk score Medium Open Source University (EDU) trackico 4.8 / 5
Investment rating NA Open Source University (EDU) icoholder 4.1 / 5
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Project industry Education
Product type Platform
Open Source University (EDU) ICO White Paper White Paper
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OS.University will allow learners, academia and businesses to join and operate on the platform independently from the rest of the participants. Learners can start joining and uploading certificates issued by academia without any obligation for the Academia itself to be already registered. That makes the pool of not verified certificates which will pop up as notifications to the academia when it’s registered as well.

OS.University Learners will save time and effort - instead of preparing CVs and motivational letters, they will invest time in activities important to the development of their unique skills and expertises. Os.University aims to increase the Learner’s profitability and maximize their own potential.

OS.University Academia will have the opportunity to be modernized not only technologically, but also to speak the same language with a new generation of Learners. This modernization may lead to enhanced communication and effective collaboration between Academia & Learners and Academia & Businesses.

ICO Details

ICO token supply: 48,000,000 EDU
Hard cap: 34,000 ETH


Country limitations: USA
Registration country: Bulgaria


Translation: 30%
Social media: 20%
Bitcoin talk signature campaign: 20%
Other: 30%

Token info

Ticker: EDU
Type: Utility-token
Token standard: ERC-20
Token price in ETH: 1 ETH = 750 EDU
Accepted currencies: ETH, BTC, FIAT
Funds allocation:
50% Development
20% Business Development
15% Marketing
10% Regulation & Taxes
2% Contingency
3% Legal & Administrative

Open Source University (EDU) Roadmap

H1 2015

OSUni proof-of-concept phase initiated, along with corporate partners from Bulgarian industry and software development sectors, resulting in early versions of system's architecture and design.

H2 2015

OSUni research project initiated at the Faculty of Management within the Technical University of Sofia, resulting in scientific publications on the subject, published in Bulgaria, Latvia, and the Czech Republic.

H1 2016

OSUni announced among top 10 social innovation ideas globally, in competition with 400 technology concepts and 130+ project proposals as part of the Living Progress Challenge of Hewlett Packard Enterprise.

H2 2016

OSUni receives positive reviews and engages in expanding its partnership network under programs for support of young entrepreneurs, led by the Ministry of Economy and the Open Society Institute, as well as through the Sofia Business School.

H1 2017

OSUni announced as 2017 "YouthSpeak'' forum winner in Latvia, based on a scaled-down prototype version, resulting in a 2-month distributed learning program implementation project at a community center in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

H2 2017

OSUni development phase reaches important milestone, given the expansion of the team with professionals from a leading software consultancy and experts, specializing in blockchain-based applications, leading the way to our initial currency offering (ICO).

H1 2018

EDU tokens will be registered for trading at various cryptocurrencies exchanges. Universities, online platforms, and other L&D providers, will be onboarded, along with their educational offerings.

H2 2018

Finalizing backend of our platform and additional functionality of the smart contracts in order to reach maximum customer experience and make our solution standard which is obligation of the pioneers. OSUni platform reached enough maturity beta version to be released.

H1 2019

A global educational marketplace will function on top of the distributed database, i.e. the Ethereum blockchain. Academia, learners, and businesses will have the chance to see the benefits of implementing the platform in practice – from learning, credentials verification, and career development perspective. First of the leading platforms offering MOOCs will be opperetional and gaining from the benefites of the system.

H2 2019

Interaction between learners, academia and businesses will become more intense after involving enterprises making the micro-environment between businesses, academia and learners more vital and collaborative

Project team

Visionary & Token Economics Lead in Open Source University (EDU) - 1
Kevin Dowd
Visionary & Token Economics Lead
Senior Investment Adviser in Open Source University (EDU) - 2
Gordon Kerr
Senior Investment Adviser
Project Lead in Open Source University (EDU) - 3
Hristian Daskalov
Project Lead
Technology Lead in Open Source University (EDU) - 4
Jordan Jambazov
Technology Lead
Creative Technologist in Open Source University (EDU) - 5
Momchil Jambazov
Creative Technologist
Blockchain Developer in Open Source University (EDU) - 6
Dobromir Kovachev
Blockchain Developer
Blockchain Developer in Open Source University (EDU) - 7
Vladimir Tasev
Blockchain Developer
Developer in Open Source University (EDU) - 8
Petar Angelov
Marketing Specialist in Open Source University (EDU) - 9
Teodora Alexieva
Marketing Specialist


Senior Academia Adviser in Open Source University (EDU) - 10
Sergey Ignatov
Senior Academia Adviser
Adviser in Open Source University (EDU) - 11
Stephan De Haes
Senior Academia Adviser in Open Source University (EDU) - 12
Detelina Smilkova
Senior Academia Adviser
Project Supporter in Open Source University (EDU) - 13
Justin Looney
Project Supporter
Senior Research Adviser in Open Source University (EDU) - 14
Ognyan Andreev
Senior Research Adviser
Business Adviser in Open Source University (EDU) - 15
Jeroen van Hertum
Business Adviser
Technology Adviser in Open Source University (EDU) - 16
Kalin Tsekov
Technology Adviser
Academia Adviser in Open Source University (EDU) - 17
Victor Zhang
Academia Adviser
Senior Corporate Adviser in Open Source University (EDU) - 18
Angel Georgiev
Senior Corporate Adviser
Community Adviser in Open Source University (EDU) - 19
Yana Vangelova
Community Adviser
Research Adviser in Open Source University (EDU) - 20
Kuzman Iliev
Research Adviser
Research Adviser in Open Source University (EDU) - 21
Vladimir Sirkarov
Research Adviser
Organizational Adviser in Open Source University (EDU) - 22
Evelina Prodanova
Organizational Adviser
Technology Adviser in Open Source University (EDU) - 23
Miglen Evlogiev
Technology Adviser
Community Adviser in Open Source University (EDU) - 24
Denitsa Simeonova
Community Adviser
Community Adviser in Open Source University (EDU) - 25
Iva Tsolova
Community Adviser
Academia Adviser in Open Source University (EDU) - 26
Miroslav Pantaleev
Academia Adviser
Crypto Ambassador in Open Source University (EDU) - 27
Borislav Iliev
Crypto Ambassador
Senior Strategy Advisor in Open Source University (EDU) - 28
Aly Madhavji
Senior Strategy Advisor
Blockchain ICO Consultant in Open Source University (EDU) - 29
Ian Scarffe
Blockchain ICO Consultant

Social media

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