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Particle Network provides universal tools and functions applicable for the development of all Web3.0 apps. Through API integration, developers can implement these functions simply by setting parameters and front-end designs.

Pre-seed Round: $1.8 Million

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Project industryBlockchain Infrastructure
Product typeTechnology
WhitepaperParticle Network White Paper Open

What is Particle Network

Particle Network is a full-stack, data-driven, and composable Web3 data and development platform. Our vision is to accelerate the world's transition into the cryptoverse. Using our powerful SDKs, developers can focus on creating great app experiences rather than the heavy lifting.

Particle Dashboard is an all-encompassing control platform that provides management and analysis services for Web3.0 projects using Particle Network. After creating their project on the dashboard, projects will receive their Project ID, Client Key, and Server Key. They can then use these elements to employ Particle Network's SDKs and other services.

Particle Connect is the SSO for web3. We help you onboard both Web2 & Web3 users seamlessly, securely & user-friendly.

Particle Auth provides MPC (Multi-Party Computation)-based threshold signatures.

Particle Wallet provides a one-stop wallet solution, which is easy to use but powerful and safe.

Particle Node provides a robust, secure, and highly available blockchain API.

Particle NFT provides a one-stop NFT Create, Manage, Distribute, and Marketplace solution.

Data Service: Web3 BI system, deriving insights from real-time on- and off-chain data.


Raised: 1,800,000 USD


Registration country: Singapore
Registration year: 2022
Office address: 100 JALAN SULTAN #05-27 SULTAN PLAZA SINGAPORE (199001)

Project team

Pengyu Wang
Pengyu Wang
Pengyu Wang linkedin
Haichuan (Hayden) Liu
Haichuan (Hayden) Liu
Head of Developer Relations
Haichuan (Hayden) Liu linkedin
Cicy Lim
Cicy Lim
Head of Business Development
Cicy Lim linkedin
Ashwinsuriya Ravi
Ashwinsuriya Ravi
Performance Marketing Manager
Ashwinsuriya Ravi linkedin

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