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Decentralized P2P trust & compliance platform.

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Project industryIdentity & Reputation
Product typeEcosystem
FoundedVirgin Islands (British)

What is Peer Mountain

Peer Mountain is a mobile-first distributed system of trust. It uses cryptographic protocols to allow people and institutions to create and own a trusted record that encompasses digital identity, trust relationships, and proof of activities.

System members own and control their data; they decide who can access it, as their information remains inaccessible and unexposed to third parties at all times. Peer Mountain uses such powerful cryptographic protection that data stays guarded from all other entities - even the platform itself.

At a more abstract level, the ecosystem allows individuals and companies to assert facts about themselves and other parties, and to attest (i.e. verify) those assertions. This is especially valuable for financial institutions as it can significantly lower the cost of Know Your Customer (KYC)-compliant client onboarding. This paper explores this further in the section Peer Mountain KYC & Compliance.

To organizations in sectors other than financial services and markets, Peer Mountain can also provide considerable value as a distributed platform of trusted facts (e.g. employees could assert that they are sick and HR could attest to this after verifying a doctor’s certificate).

Ecosystem participants are only identified by their public keys (analogous to how Cryptocurrencies work) and can assume multiple personas, which are basically public keys derived off their root key. Personas are useful for interacting with multiple external parties and to comply with different set of obligations and requirements. For example, a person may be a university student and the client of a bank. Generally speaking, the university requires an information subset that differs from the subset the bank requires. However, while applying for a loan or grant, a university student may not want the university to know they are a client of a specific bank. By using different personas (i.e. a role), the student controls their privacy.


Pre-sales: Mar 06, 2018 - Dec 02, 2018
Public sales: Dec 02, 2018 - Dec 31, 2018
Total tokens for sale: 333,000,000 PMT
Soft cap: 2,000,000 PMTN
Hard cap: 39,500 ETH
Raised: 815,000 USD


Blockchain Platform: Ethereum
Country limitations: United States

Token info

Ticker: PMT
Type: Utility-token
Token standard: ERC-20
Token price in ETH: 1 ETH = 2,917 PMTN
Accepted currencies: ETH
Bonus program:
Round 0 30% discount
Round 1 24% discount
Round 2 18% discount
Round 3 12% discount
Round 4 5% discount
Round 5 0% discount
Token distribution:
40% - Sale
40% - Peer Mountain Reserve
10% - Team Compensation
8% - Legal Reserve
2% - Advisory Reserve
Funds allocation:
40% - Technology
25% - Corporate development
25% - Marketing
10% - Regulatory and legal

Peer Mountain Roadmap


Research on distributed hash tables (Kademlia) with personal realm based security (Kerberos) sparks the idea to design a system of trust management that works for the human scale.


Discovery of the NSA paper “How to Make a Mint”, which was first published in 1996.


Blockchain technology makes the possibility of a human scale trust system feasible and the year in which Jed’s “identity” was stolen for the first time.


Founding of KYC3 begins the journey into compliance and regulatory trust.


Office of Personnel Management informs Jed that his security clearance file has been stolen from their systems.


KYC3 inducted into Fintech Fusion.


First Peer Mountain tech spec filed as iDepot 68499 at the Benelux Office of Intellectual Property.


KYC3 selected for L’Atelier by BNP Paribas.


KYC3 completes Fintech Fusion.


KYC3 secures capital increase for March 2017.


Peer Mountain project is born, KYC3 leads and will be a service provider to the platform.


Major Swiss financial services provider agrees to co-build Peer Mountain for 3 million users and signs Letter of Intent to do so.


KYC3 achieves 2016 revenue level


Peer Mountain development begins.


German Corporation expresses intent to deploy Peer Mountain when ready with 9 million users.


Peer Mountain prototyping.


German Corporation contracts Peer Mountain technology for early deployment.


Peer Mountain exits stealth mode.


Peer Mountain v1 deployment.


Peer Mountain production deployment by Swiss financial services partner.


Peer Mountain deployment to 3 million end users in Switzerland.


Peer Mountain deployment by German corporation to 9 million end users.

Project team

Jed Grant
Jed Grant
MBA CEO, Lead Architec & Visionary
Jed Grant linkedin
Markus Forster
Markus Forster
Data Scientist
Markus Forster linkedin
Federico Cardoso
Federico Cardoso
Blockchain Architect
Federico Cardoso linkedin
Ignacio Althabe
Ignacio Althabe
Blockchain Developer
Ignacio Althabe linkedin
Gabriel Pineda
Gabriel Pineda
Backend Developer
Gabriel Pineda linkedin
Luis Giunta
Luis Giunta
Software Engineer
Luis Giunta linkedin
Florian Lagouche
Florian Lagouche
Blockchain DevOps Engineer
Florian Lagouche linkedin
Mark Rogers
Mark Rogers
Mobile Lead
Mark Rogers linkedin
Stefan Vartolomeev
Stefan Vartolomeev
Mobile Architect
Stefan Vartolomeev linkedin
Pavel Pavlov
Pavel Pavlov
Mobile Architect
Pavel Pavlov linkedin
Antonia Cherkrachieva
Antonia Cherkrachieva
Mobile Developer
Jaime Prieto
Jaime Prieto
Compliance Officer
Jaime Prieto linkedin
Katie Olver
Katie Olver
Press & Communications
Katie Olver linkedin
Marc Garriga
Marc Garriga
Digital Marketing
Marc Garriga linkedin
Patrick Seguin
Patrick Seguin
Content Manager
Patrick Seguin linkedin
Sean Medcalf
Sean Medcalf
Content & Strategy
Sean Medcalf linkedin
Ekaterina Semeshina
Ekaterina Semeshina
UI/UX Design
Ekaterina Semeshina linkedin
Anna Krol
Anna Krol
Community Manager
Anna Krol linkedin
Dominique Rademacher
Dominique Rademacher
Web Developer
Chi Nguyen
Chi Nguyen
Community Manager
Chi Nguyen linkedin


Jorge Sanz
Jorge Sanz
Head of Finance Innovation, LISt
Jos van Bommel
Jos van Bommel
Assoc. Prof. of Finance, University of Luxembourg
Jos van Bommel linkedin
Thomas Engel
Thomas Engel
Head of SECAN-LAB,
Thomas Engel linkedin
Jeremy Epstein
Jeremy Epstein
CEO, Never Stop Marketing
Jeremy Epstein linkedin
Marcelo Garcia Casil
Marcelo Garcia Casil
Marcelo Garcia Casil linkedin
Marco Houwen
Marco Houwen
Project Lead,
Marco Houwen linkedin
Laurent Leloup
Laurent Leloup
CEO, Chaineum
Javier Tamashiro
Javier Tamashiro
APAC FCC CTA, Credit Suisse
Javier Tamashiro linkedin
Jan Reinhart
Jan Reinhart
CEO, Reinhard Capital
Jan Reinhart linkedin
Bertrand Manhe
Bertrand Manhe
COO, GENII Capital
Bertrand Manhe linkedin
Guillaume Dubray
Guillaume Dubray
Partner, Polytech Ventures
Guillaume Dubray linkedin
Max Wolter
Max Wolter
CEO, Alantor
Max Wolter linkedin
Christophe Bach
Christophe Bach
Mentor, Fintech Fusion
Christophe Bach linkedin
Tom Howard
Tom Howard
Founder, Block Republic
Tom Howard linkedin

Social media

Peer Mountain web-sitePeer Mountain RedditPeer Mountain MediumPeer Mountain TelegramPeer Mountain BTCTalkPeer Mountain LinkedInPeer Mountain TwitterPeer Mountain FacebookPeer Mountain Github

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