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Pixels is building a platform where users can build games that natively integrate digital collectibles.

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Project industryGaming & VR
Product typePlatform
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What is Pixels

Pixels is a captivating, open-ended world of farming and exploration, built one pixel at a time. Gathering resources, advancing skills, and building relationships while exploring the story and quests woven throughout the Pixels Universe, you’ll be submerged in a mesmerizing blend of managing, creating, and exploring in a world that marries blockchain ownership with your progression and accomplishments.

Pixels is a metaverse and MMORPG for the NFTs you already own. Taking a lot of inspiration from some of our childhood favorites like Stardew Valley and Runescape, Pixels allows you to take your existing NFTs into a play-to-earn game!

We aim to create a fun, easy-going, blockchain-backed game. We believe that Pixels will be the gateway for millions into web3.


IEO (Binance Launchpool): Feb 09, 2024 - Feb 18, 2024
Token supply: 5,000,000,000 PIXEL
Raised: 2,400,000 USD


Country limitations: Belarus, Canada, Cuba, Crimea Region, Democratic Republic of Congo, Iran, Japan, New Zealand, Netherlands, North Korea, South Sudan, Syria, United States of America and its territories (American Samoa, Guam, Puerto Rico, the Northern Mariana Islands, the U.S. Virgin Islands), Zimbabwe, and any non-government controlled areas of Ukraine
Registration year: 2020

Token info

Type: Utility-token
Token standard: ERC-20
Token distribution:
Binance Launchpool - 7%
Investors - 14%
Alpha Rewards - 5%
Liquidity - 1%
Ecosystem - 34%
Treasury - 17%
Team - 12.5%
Advisors - 9.5%

Pixels Roadmap

Past Milestones
  • January 2022 - Minted our Farm Land NFT in 21 seconds
  • January 2022 - Announced Pre-seed funding
  • March 2022 - Launched Pre-Alpha
  • October 2022 - Growth campaign hit 30k DAU
  • November 2022 - Launched Alpha
  • March 2023 - Launched 2nd game on Pixels Tooling
  • September 2023 - Announced Ronin Migration
  • October 2023 - Launched Pixels Pets on Ronin
  • November 2023 - Crossed 100k DAW
  • January 2024 - Launched Play-to-Airdrop 2
  • February 2024 - Launched $PIXEL
March 2024

Chapter 2 is a re-work of current mechanics and introduces a new skill in Pixels: Exploration. The objective is to introduce more competitive gameplay & to integrate guilds tightly.

Chapter 2 focuses on three new features...

  • Realms
  • Guilds
  • Dungeons
June 2024

Chapter 3 will emphasize Pixels Pets. We already released the core loops to Pixels Pets in October 2023. Chapter 3 will be where we flesh out the gameplay and elements of combat.

October 2024

Chapter 4 will place a larger emphasis on UGC, Roleplay, and Questing.

This is also when we'll take the opportunity to invest more into overall polish, and start preparing a mobile/desktop app.

Long-term Intentions

We still have much room to grow the core game around Pixels. As we continue to grow our ecosystem and game and figure out more of these web3 systems, it may eventually make sense for us to release additional games.

Pixels is committed to using the $PIXEL token in any future game it builds and for any future mints.

Project team

Luke Barwikowski
Luke Barwikowski
Luke Barwikowski linkedin
BenJamin Exworthy
BenJamin Exworthy
Lead Designer
BenJamin Exworthy linkedin
Heidi Christine
Heidi Christine
Head of Community
Heidi Christine linkedin
Garr Godfrey
Garr Godfrey
Senior Engineer
Garr Godfrey linkedin
Weiwei li
Weiwei li
Founding Engineer
Weiwei li linkedin
Ghazel A
Ghazel A
Tyler Greenberg
Tyler Greenberg
Tyler Greenberg linkedin
Chenfeng Liu
Chenfeng Liu
Founding Engineer
Todor Bochukov
Todor Bochukov
Senior Game Developer
Todor Bochukov linkedin
Sergi Savaneli
Sergi Savaneli
Senior Pixel Artist
Mid'hat Manxholli
Mid'hat Manxholli
Software Engineer
Mid'hat Manxholli linkedin
Ivan Romero
Ivan Romero
Senior Pixel Artist

Social media

Pixels web-sitePixels MediumPixelsYouTubePixels LinkedInPixels X (Twitter)Pixels Discord



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