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ProTradex is a decentralized liquidity provider on the chain, and based on this, it builds a one-stop financial service ecological matrix, focusing on providing stable and continuous liquidity for the Web3 world in a variety of ways. Based on this, We are also building ecological components to build a more complete ecological chain, so that more roles can be more conveniently connected to our liquidity facilities, so that more people can become the beneficiaries of the development dividend of the new era, and finally achieve The purpose of promoting the long-term development of the Web3 world.

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Project industryFinance Services & Banking
Product typePlatform
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What is ProTradex

ProTradex is a one-stop financial services platform specialized in the crypto decentralized derivatives segment. It focuses on providing liquidity to crypto assets and enhancing capital utilization (including NFT & FT assets).

ProTrade has built an AI-driven arbitrage strategy based on years of market-proven experience in the derivatives segment. While at the same time we are deeply revolutionizing NFTFi and further unlocking the value stored in blue-chip NFTs that do not have liquidity. In the process we will also make significant gains through derivatives strategies.

ProTradex platform includes the following products:

  • Decentralized NFT collateralized lending agreements
  • A market maker platform focused on crypto decentralized derivatives liquidity


Token supply: 1,000,000 PTD

Token info

Ticker: PTD
Type: Utility-token
Token distribution:
30% - Partner airdrop
10% - Ecological fund bank
6% - Technology development
4% - Operation
50% - Benefit airdrop

ProTradex Roadmap

Q2 2023
  • BSC Chain Derivatives Liquidity
  • ETH Chain Derivatives Liquidity
  • NFT Mortgage Lending Agreement
  • NFT Leveraged Lending Agreement
  • NFT Liquidity
  • PTD ecological Token
Q3 2023
  • More liquidity for Chains
  • Decentralized Derivatives Platform
  • Decentralized Multi-Chain Flash Exchange Platform
Q4 2023
  • NFT Market (Fusion NFT Leverage)
  • NFT Auction (Fusion NFT Leverage)
  • Redeemable NFT (Fusion NFT Leverage)
  • WEB3 Eco Wallet

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