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Secretum (SER)


World’s first and only decentralised, encrypted messaging and OTC trading on Solana blockchain dapp.

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Project industryBlockchain Infrastructure
Product typeDapp
WhitepaperSecretum White Paper Open
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What is Secretum

Meet Secretum — communication and trading solution for Web 3.0. Secretum is on a mission to make decentralized messaging and trading seamless. Secretum is DeFi and metaverse compatible, being positioned as the go-to solution for the Web 3.0 era.

Built on Solana, the world’s fastest Blockchain, Secretum is based on a network of independently verified nodes and a token (SER) to enable encrypted message staking, store files securely, and reward node verifiers for expanding the ecosystem. The Secretum proprietary protocol further enables direct P2P trading of all crypto assets, including NFTs, at the most competitive costs on the market. By requiring only a crypto wallet address to sign up, total user privacy and anonymity is permanently guaranteed. Thanks to its innovative architecture, unrivaled security, and multiple user functionalities, Secretum represents the start of a new era for global communications and crypto trading.


IDO (SolRazr Launchpad): Apr 25, 2022 - Apr 27, 2022
IDO (The Ticket Finance Launchpad): Apr 16, 2022 - Apr 25, 2022
IDO (DAOStarter Launchpad): Apr 22, 2022 - Apr 22, 2022
Token supply: 100,000,000 SER


Blockchain Platform: Solana
Registration year: 2021

Token info

Ticker: SER
Token price in USD: 1 SER = 0.7 USD
Accepted currencies: USDT
Token distribution:
Private Round 1 Retail - 4%
Private Round 1 Institutional - 6%
Private Round 2 Retail - 1.65%
Private Round 2 Institutional - 2.35%
Private Round 3 Retail - 0.5%
Private Round 3 Institutional - 2.5%
Public Sale - 2%
Liquidity / Listing - 25%
Community Incentives / Marketing - 26%
Team & Advisors - 10%
Development - 20%

Secretum Roadmap

Q4 2021
  • Private Sale
  • Blockchain Agnostic Architecture Beta Testing
  • Binance Smart Chain Bridge Support
  • DApp MVP development
Q1 2022
  • Public Sale
  • Liquidity / Listing
  • DApp development and advancement
Q2 2022
  • DApp development finalisation
  • Private Beta Testing and NFT Airdrops
  • Public Beta Release (Crypto Influencer Campaign)
Q3 2022
  • Secretum DApp launch
  • Final Testing
  • Deployment on app stores
Q4 2022
  • Community building + competitions
  • Secretum network setup and node validator onboarding.

Project team

Mangirdas Matusevičius
Mangirdas Matusevičius
Mangirdas Matusevičius linkedin
Nestor Sanchez
Nestor Sanchez
Nestor Sanchez linkedin
Daina Petrauskaitė
Daina Petrauskaitė
Marketing manager
Daina Petrauskaitė linkedin
Crypton Studio
Crypton Studio
Development partner


Vladimir Kirikov
Vladimir Kirikov
Advisory CTO
Vladimir Kirikov linkedin
Muhammad Ikram Ashraf
Muhammad Ikram Ashraf
Networking Advisor
Muhammad Ikram Ashraf linkedin
Julius Reynolds
Julius Reynolds
Strategic Marketing Advisor
Julius Reynolds linkedin

Social media

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One Response

  • kainJune 5, 2024 at 3:51 pm

    Secretum is a scam project, CEO Mangirdas stole more than 5 million dollars and has been missing for several months, no one knows about him, no one in the project responds.

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