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Super Protocol uses the latest blockchain and TEE developments to create a universal decentralized protocol for distributed confidential computing.

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Project industryBig Data & Data Storage
Product typeProtocol
FoundedUnited States
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What is Super Protocol

Super Protocol is based on confidential computing. Therefore, the basic use case involves renting computing power for a wide range of different tasks. The long-term goal of our protocol development is to create a full analogue of the largest cloud service providers in the Web3 concept.

Super Protocol is for those who need decentralized, permissionless, trustless and easily scalable computing resources. Computing power can be rented either for a one-time task with a specific result or for an unlimited period of time.

Below is a non-exhaustive list of tasks that can be solved within the scenario:

  • Individual developers and companies:
    • Deploying development and testing environments
    • Deploying distributed industrial solutions: from simple services to complex web and mobile applications
  • Data Scientists:
    • Preprocessing large datasets
    • Training heavy models
    • Deploying AI services
  • Content creators:
    • Rendering photos and videos
    • 3D modeling


IDO (Fjord Foundry Launchpad): TBA - TBA
Pre-sale token supply: 200,000,000 TEE
Token supply: 1,000,000,000 TEE
Total tokens for sale: 275,000,000 TEE
Raised: 3,200,000 USD


Blockchain Platform: Ethereum
Registration country: United States
Registration year: 2022

Token info

Ticker: TEE
Type: Utility-token
Token standard: ERC-20
Token distribution:
7,5% - Public Sale
10% - Provider Rewards
5% - Demand Stimulus
7,5% - Staking Rewards
10% - Liquidity Rewards
5% - Pre-seed
15% - Private Rounds
20% - Team
20% - DAO

Super Protocol Roadmap

Q3-Q4, 2022
  • Core blockchain solution
  • Intel SGX support
  • Provider Execution Controllers
  • TEE Trusted Loader
  • TEE Confirmation Protocol
  • Demo GUI (RocketGirl) and CLI
  • Promo Staking demo
Q1-Q2, 2023
  • Hosting of semi-dynamic apps
  • Distributed Tunnels with external IP’s
  • Off-chain computing
  • Solution, Data, and Compute providers
  • Payments, rewards, deposits, income
  • Marketplace GUI
Q3, 2023
  • Hosting of complex dynamic apps: frontend+backend+databases
  • Unstoppable fault tolerance
  • Node replication
  • Automated database backups
  • Ratings and reputation

Project team

Nukri Basharuli
Nukri Basharuli
Nukri Basharuli linkedin
Svetlana Andreevna
Svetlana Andreevna
Product Designer
Svetlana Andreevna linkedin
Yulia Gontar
Yulia Gontar
Yulia Gontar linkedin
Alex Khvoinitskii
Alex Khvoinitskii
Alex Khvoinitskii linkedin
Petr Evstifeev
Petr Evstifeev
C/С++ System Developer
Petr Evstifeev linkedin
Danny Ki
Danny Ki
Danny Ki linkedin
Ilya Potapov
Ilya Potapov
Business Analyst / Product Owner
Ilya Potapov linkedin
Alexandr Zolotov
Alexandr Zolotov
Software Engineer
Alexandr Zolotov linkedin
Marat Idrisov
Marat Idrisov
Solidity Developer
Marat Idrisov linkedin
Moses Akpabio
Moses Akpabio
Content Creator
Moses Akpabio linkedin
Vladyslav Marchuk
Vladyslav Marchuk
Back End Software Engineer
Vladyslav Marchuk linkedin
Max Solom
Max Solom
Head of Community
Max Solom linkedin
Erekle (Erik) Zedashidze
Erekle (Erik) Zedashidze
Erekle (Erik) Zedashidze linkedin
Maria M.
Maria M.
Product Owner
Maria M. linkedin
Egor Andrianov
Egor Andrianov
Software Engineer
Egor Andrianov linkedin
Evgeny Sidorenko
Evgeny Sidorenko
Research And Development Engineer
Evgeny Sidorenko linkedin
Bayu Yan Kusuma
Bayu Yan Kusuma
Community Manager
Bayu Yan Kusuma linkedin
Vladislav Kapitsyn
Vladislav Kapitsyn
Blockchain Lead
Vladislav Kapitsyn linkedin
Katrin Nay
Katrin Nay
Community Manager
Katrin Nay linkedin
Dzhamilia G.
Dzhamilia G.
Community Manager
Dzhamilia G. linkedin
Andrey Pogoreltsev
Andrey Pogoreltsev
Andrey Pogoreltsev linkedin
Elisabeth Potapova
Elisabeth Potapova
Business Development Associate
Elisabeth Potapova linkedin
Artem Zorkin
Artem Zorkin
Product Manager
Artem Zorkin linkedin
Pavel Kononykhin
Pavel Kononykhin
Community Manager
Pavel Kononykhin linkedin

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