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Trademindx aims to facilitate trading decisions through applied natural-language processing, sentiment analysis and machine learning algorithms.

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Project industryFinance Services & Banking
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Token info

Ticker: TMX

Trademindx Roadmap

Project Launch - Q4 / 2017

Trademindx project launched / whitepaper published / prototype development begins / build out of core services.

Prototype Development - Q1 / 2018

Complete prototype / architecture and tech stack design / roadmap and faq published / smart contract development in Solidity / token pre-sale.

Token Sale - Q2 / 2018

TMX token sale / smart contract on Ethereum blockchain (ERC20) / compatible with Ethereum wallets / exchange listing / airdrops.

Artificial Intelligence - Q3 / 2018

AI model training and calibration for all cryptocurrency coins/tokens with a market cap of more than $100mm.

Token Burn - Q4 / 2018

Unallocated TMX tokens will be burned off (destroyed) thus reducing circulating supply.

Beta Release - Q1 / 2019

Trademindx closed beta for TMX token holders / feedback from community / bug fixes and improvements.

GO LIVE! - Q2 / 2019

Trademindx platform goes live / subscription based pricing model using TMX tokens!

Enterprise Edition: TaaS - Q4 / 2019

Trademindx as a service / onboarding of enterprise clients / custom strategies and algorithms / strategic partnerships.

Hedge Fund Setup - Q2 / 2020

Automated algo hedge fund driven by Trademindx algorithms with a range of products to suit cryptocurrency investors with various risk appetites / TMX token utilisation.

Project team

Alex Petlenko
Alex Petlenko
Alex Petlenko linkedin
Denis Golovenko
Denis Golovenko
Financial Advisor
Denis Golovenko linkedin
Raghu Rughani
Raghu Rughani
Technical Advisor
Raghu Rughani linkedin
Saeed Assou
Saeed Assou
Community Manager and Investor

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