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Xenchain is a platform for acquire, validate and store personal identity data into decentralized public blockchain.

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Project industryIdentity & Reputation
Product typePlatform
FoundedSingapore, 2018
WhitepaperXenchain White Paper Open
OnepagerXenchain Onepager Open

What is Xenchain

Xenchain has developed a global platform that runs on the Blockchain network and operates under the principle of smart contract that can gather, securely store and provide on-demand (with the permission of the data owner), PII data to consumers and users alike at a lower cost and in a seamless manner.  Xenchain  is experienced in managing KYC and user data access using  Xenchain modern and high tech software solutions for text and facial recognition that can be deployed for user data validation.

Xenchain is poised to provide a platform for secured identity verification, KYC enhancement and onboarding process on a timely intervention and a lower cost.

Xenchain removes the complexity of assess requirements associated with multiple websites and applications, and also the issues of user authentication. One of the key breaching points in cyber-attacks is usually through the Business Email Compromise (BEC).

Xenchain deploys enhanced user authentication mechanism which includes super intelligent text identifiers, facial recognition and digital ID scanners to ensure user data are securely and legitimately gathered, protected and assessed.


Token supply: 97000000


Country limitations: United States
Registration country: Singapore
Registration year: 2018

Token info

Ticker: XEN
Type: Utility-token
Token standard: ERC-20
Accepted currencies: ETH
Bonus program:
PreICO: 20% Bonus
Token distribution:
48.5% - Token Sale
11.8% - Management Team & Founders
23.4% - Private Sale
11.9% - XenChain Partnerships
4.4% - Bounties & Volume Bonuses
Funds allocation:
45% - Product Development and Enhancement
15% - Community Initiatives & Partnership
15% - Business Development & Marketing
10% - Operating expenses
10% - Research & Development Funding
5% - Legal and Compliance Cos

Xenchain Roadmap

Jan 2018 - Mar 2018

Stage 1. Xenchain version Alpha ready.
Stage 2. Xenchain trial deployment
with corporate customers.
Stage 3. System readiness with
corporate XenValidator.
Stage 4. Xenchain structure and legal
Stage 5. Xenchain Whitepaper

Mar 2018 - May 2018

Stage 1. Xenchain version Beta +
Blockchain storage.
Stage 2. Public to participate in token
Sales using Xenchain KYC service.
Stage 3. Campaign in leading Asia,
Europe cities.

May 2018

Quarter 3 + Ongoing.
Acquiring 10 million XenUser
and 3,000 XenDataConsumer.
Quarter 4 + Ongoing.
Token allocation to 10 x strategic
XenValidator partnership.

Quarter 3 2018

Malaysia, Singapore, Brunei, Philippines,

Quarter 4 2018


Quarter 1 2019

Middle East.

Quarter 2 2019

Hong Kong, Tokyo, Korea.

Quarter 3 2019

UK & European Region.

Quarter 4 2019

Ukrain, Russia.


Hui Yong Sia
Hui Yong Sia
Founder/CEO of Tranglo Sdn Bhd
Hui Yong Sia linkedin
Mark Pui
Mark Pui
Executive Director at PwC
Mark Pui linkedin
Jit Leong Yeoh
Jit Leong Yeoh
Cybersecurity Advisor at Dell
Jit Leong Yeoh linkedin
Mohammad Gharaybeh
Mohammad Gharaybeh
Executive Director at Tranglo Sdn Bhd
Mohammad Gharaybeh linkedin
Jacky Lee
Jacky Lee
CEO/Director of TIK FX Singapore and Malaysia
Jacky Lee linkedin

Social media

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