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XPlay is video focused streaming media, live interactive platform and aggregated media. It aims to create an adult entertainment industry, which is more applicable to the definition of the new generation of internet and new economic era.

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What is xplay

XPlay is video focused streaming media, live interactive platform and aggregated media. It aims to create an adult entertainment industry, which is more applicable to the definition of the new generation of internet and new economic era.

Today, there are many all sorts of adult entertainment platforms. It is estimated that they account for one third of the internet’s traffic. However, the industry problems are prominent and persistent, which requires a healthy force to organize and integrate the current industry resources, with a sole aim to realize more value. Current industry problems include: parties providing content or performance, which does not provide transparent and fair return. Further, a vast number of platforms lack sustainable business model, and have problems of pirated content, which are not solved with pertinence. Also, the spending power of users is not released, Hence, these are all motives and opportunities that XPlay has established in recent years of research.

With the increase in XPlay products and services, users and all participating parties, backed up with promotion of XPC tokens into other adult entertainment platforms, will dramatically increase the need for XPC tokens available in the market.

The goal of XPlay is to create an ecosystem for the release, recommendation and transaction of high quality, artificial but intelligent adult extreme entertainment. This is a user based, content led adult entertainment platform. Participants of the ecosystem can browse, release and share fine quality contents, while information and resources are shared by various XPlay mobile and web client based means. Meanwhile with operating multiple creative adult entertainment communities with XPlay, XPA tokens will make participants in the ecosystem to publish and share, and contribute to fair and beneficial development of community. XPlay improved traditional adult entertainment industry, and defines itself as adult extreme entertainment.

In XPlay, parties providing content can earn their bonus directly with their quality content. In the meantime, original work will get continuing value and traceability by generating copyrights.

XPlay will further optimize operating mechanisms of social media platforms such as STEEM and YOYOW, as to create a brand new adult entertainment blockchain platform, and design a decentralized public book. Through blockchain technology, problems of mixed up versions and disputes can be solved perfectly. Once online, content cannot be tampered. Timestamp on the link will verify the copyright ownership, while relevant copyright transactions can be completed directly online.

XPlay’s proprietary products and platform will have the effects of demonstration and actual testing ability, allowing more and more traditional adult media platforms to be aware of means and assistance of blockchain based transactions. After the first release of tokens, we will continue with promotion to existing adult entertainment platforms, allowing more platforms to join the usage ecosystem of XPA tokens.

In XPlay, we thrive to provide a blockchain technology based ecosystem that is most convenient and has the highest security standards.


Public sales: Aug 05, 2017 - Aug 28, 2017
Token supply: 10,000,000,000 XPA
Total tokens for sale: 1,000,000,000 XPA
Raised: 10,000,000 USD


Blockchain Platform: Ethereum

Token info

Ticker: XPA
Type: Utility-token
Token standard: ERC20
Token price in USD: 1 XPA= 0.0145 USD
Accepted currencies: ETH

xplay Roadmap

Q4 of 2016

Complete innovative project planning

Q1 of 2017

Signed with the content partners, platform technology development

Q2 of 2017

Launched XPlay.Video product prototype

Q3 of 2017

First time release of XPA toekns

Q4 OF 2017

XPlay.Video Official product

Q1 of 2018

XPA tokens will have comprehensive circulation

Q2 of 2018

Official product launch of XPlay.Live

Q3 of 2018

Official product launch of XPlay.News

Q4 of 2018

Reach a total of 10 million users

Q1 of 2019

Second generation upgrade launch of XPlay.Video

Q2 of 2019

Second generation upgrade launch of XPlay.Live

Q3 of 2019

Second generation upgrade launch of XPlay.News

Q4 of 2019

Become the world’s biggest adult entertainment media ecosystem

Project team

Julian Chen
Julian Chen
Julian Chen linkedin
Ma Jun
Ma Jun
Senior Technical Fellow
Ma Jun linkedin
Zhang Xinwen
Zhang Xinwen
Hou Zhaoji
Hou Zhaoji
Marketing Director
Jackson Kou
Jackson Kou
Director of R&D
He Shuiqing
He Shuiqing
Senior Researcher
He Shuiqing linkedin
Chen Zhouren
Chen Zhouren
Chief Executive Officer
Huang Guanhuan
Huang Guanhuan
Senior Technical Consultant
Erma Feng
Erma Feng
Chief Content Officer

Social media

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