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Assure is a Web3.0 decentralized digital wallet, as well as an aggregated management platform for encrypted assets. Assure is rich with features that allow users to purchase, transfer, exchange, realize assets accretion, seamlessly link to major exchanges (CeFi), quickly connect to DApps and expand your reach in the crypto world with Socialfi.

Seed Round: $1.4M

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Project industryExchanges & Wallets
Product typeDapp
FoundedUnited States
WhitepaperAssure Wallet White Paper Open

What is Assure Wallet

Assure provide users with one-stop service of digital identities, data and asset management via Assure DID (Digital Identity). Users will take self-custody management of their own digital assets (DeFi and NFT), experience cross-chain exchanges, dual-end tradings and various DApps as well as learn about crypto trends and Assure's latest news.

In addition, the DIDs created by Assure users will allow the one-click creation and management of multi-chain wallet address, and the data privacy of users will be fully protected through encryption algorithms.

Assure aims to become a real decentralised self-custodial liquidity hub of asset storage, transaction matching and value extension to provide users a secure, user-friendly, and value-added encrypted financial management tool.


Pre-sale token supply: 480,000,000 SURE
Token supply: 1,000,000,000 SURE
Raised: 1,400,000 USD


Registration country: United States
Registration year: 2021
Office address: 1099 18th St Suite 2900, Denver, Colorado 80202, US

Token info

Ticker: SURE
Type: Utility-token
Token distribution:
40% - Early Fund
8% - Seed Round
52% - TBD

Assure Wallet Roadmap

Q4 2020
  • Project Initiation
  • Core Team Build
  • DeFi Wallet Research
Q1 2021
  • Product Utility Envisage & Design
  • Whitepaper V0.9
  • Product V1.0 Development
Q2 2021
  • Tokenomics Research
  • Connect to Binance Real-time Data
  • Product V1.0 Alpha
Q3 2021
  • Product V1 Beta
  • Support Multi-chain asset transaction
  • Community Incentive
Q4 2021
  • Product is available on IOS & Android system
  • Community Establishment & Marketing
  • Whitepaper V1.1
  • Tokenomics v1.0
Q1 2022
  • Branding & Renaming
  • Product V2.0 Audit
  • Product V2.0 is Available on IOS & Android
  • Product V2.0 Launch
Q2 2022
  • E2E Aspace Alpha
  • NFT Asset Display & Trading
  • Assure Web Extensions Available
Q3 2022
  • E2E Aspace Beta
  • Assure Original NFT Minting Online
Q4 2022
  • All-round connection to Metaverse
  • Product Terminals Simplification
Q1-Q2 2023
  • DAO Governance Model Release&Implement
  • Cross-chain Transaction & Multi-chain Integration
  • Link stablecoins, lending, interest-bearing accounts
Q3-Q4 2023
  • Enrich the Cross-chain Assets & Brand IP
  • Assure Labs Incubate Liquidity Supply Protocols and Derivatives
  • Web3.0 Equity Regression
  • DAO Community Matrix

Project team

Horis Wei
Horis Wei
Horis Wei linkedin
Fani Dwi
Fani Dwi
Community moderator
Fani Dwi linkedin
Shazili Usman
Shazili Usman
Public Relations Officer
Shazili Usman linkedin
Janet Han
Janet Han
Human Resources Manager
Janet Han linkedin
Mengyuan Zhao
Mengyuan Zhao
Operations & Development Manager
Mengyuan Zhao linkedin

Social media

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